They warn that by the time the truck arrives, the costs included in the budget may be greatly altered.

They warn that by the time the truck arrives, the costs included in the budget may be greatly altered.

They warn that by the time the truck arrives, the costs included in the budget may be greatly altered.

IVECO factory in Valladolid

to the sector of carriers, dealers and coachbuilders it’s up to them to be patient and guess. Truck delivery times and other parts for these vehicles have multiplied by three.

This has been transferred to EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia by several coachbuilders and dealers, who are facing a time of great uncertainty due to component shortage. In general, all manufacturers have increased their delivery times for trucks, although some have extended it more than others.

“Deadlines are missed daily,” laments the manager of Carrocerías Carrañaca, Daniel Arcos. He explains to this newspaper that a truck model that was previously delivered in two months, now it takes ten.

“Before, dealers had vehicles in stock and now they don’t,” says this coachbuilder from Lucena (Córdoba). In his case, as he explains, he has not come out so badly. In November bought five trucks from Iveco and they gave him an approximate date for the second quarter of 2022, while Renault indicated March as the delivery date.

This delay translates into uncertainty: “if a client asks us for a bodywork quote, we can do it for them, but by the time the truck arrives, the prices will have changed.” Added to this situation is the instability of supplies: “there have been cases that our costs have skyrocketed up to 500% compared to when we had made the budget“.

With their experience they coincide from the Andalusian association of bodywork and trailer manufacturers (Anfacar). “Before they could give you a period of three months and now it’s your turn. wait up to a year and a half“, As explained to this medium by Juan Luna de Anfacar.

This delay has consequences for bodybuilders, dealers and other metal companies. Precisely, Spain is characterized by being a country in which trucks “hold up for a long time” and, that is why, in this situation, “Used vehicles from other countries are being bought”.

In the cranes and other lifting platforms there are also certain punctual delays, although without a doubt the most affected are the cab chassis (the base) of the trucks. “You really don’t know when it’s going to arrive,” she laments.

Iveco postpones deadlines

Proof of the above is a letter sent by Iveco to one of its clients, consulted by EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia, in which it informs him that You will not be able to miss the initially estimated dates and indicates new dates that, in any case, are “merely indicative, as a consequence of the current global situation.

In October, CNH Industrial NV announced that it was temporarily closing several of his european factories of commercial vehicles and powertrains as a result of “continuous disruptions in the supply chain and shortages of basic components”, especially semiconductors.

The idea at first was to close for eight days. Though CNH became independent from Iveco on January 1the latter continues to allude to the temporary closure of its factories in the letter in which it reports the delay in the delivery of the vehicles.

“Despite our strong commitment to constantly review our production schedules in response to this dynamic environment, and efforts to optimize our manufacturing operations to meet strong demand and better serve dealers and customers, we find ourselves in the objective impossibility of producing the following units on the dates initially estimatedhaving increased the estimated date of departure from the factory (without taking transport into account)”, explains the company in the letter that it sends to some of its clients to notify them of the delay in deadlines.

This newspaper has contacted Iveco to collect its version on how much the delivery times of the vehicles have increased. However, the company has ensured that is not authorized to give that information “for external use”.


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