These are the pensioners who will receive the extra pay for November and those who are left out

These are the pensioners who will receive the extra pay for November and those who are left out
  • In November, the majority of pensioners in Spain will receive the second extraordinary payment of the year, on the eve of Christmas. However, there are other pensioners who do not receive this exceptional income.
  • When is the extra payment of the November pension (2021) collected?

Which pensioners will receive the extra pay for November?

There is little more than a month left until the end of the year and one of the most awaited moments by pensioners arrives: the pay November ‘bonus’. This means that most of the people who receive a pension will see how this month they will receive the amount of their pay in double.

It will be the second extra payment that Social Security pays to pensioners. Most of the pensions are processed in 12 payments with 2 extras: November and December. However, there are others that are only paid in 12 months because the extraordinary is prorated.

This last case is that of the derivatives of work accident and those of illness professional. Why? Because they are already taken into account for the calculation of the regulatory base of the pension, as it appears in the Social Security regulations.

In other words, the rest of the payrolls do have the right to collect that extra in November.

When is it paid?

One of the great doubts that always arise is the moment in which the extra will be able to be charged. The date is more or less clear: around November 25depending on the financial institution with which you work.

In any case, it is convenient to be attentive to the bank. Many financial entities advance the collection of the pension so that pensioners can have their money with a certain advance.

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