The Spanish NFT platform has received purchase requests for the Stadio token from almost 150 investors at the start of its presale.

The Spanish NFT platform has received purchase requests for the Stadio token from almost 150 investors at the start of its presale.

The Spanish NFT platform has received purchase requests for the Stadio token from almost 150 investors at the start of its presale.

The Stadioplus team.

StadioPlus has managed to raise 1.5 million dollars (about 1.32 million euros at foreign exchange) in the first week of pre-sale of your new token stadium. Among the investors who have attended the project of the Spanish platform of tokens non-expendable (NFT) sports-themed figure ZBS Capital.

The renowned investment firm in crypto assets and blockchain figure among the almost 150 investors who have already committed to attend the initial offering (ICO) of the token, according to data to which this portal has had access. However, the pre-sale process will remain open until March 31.

The objective of the platform led by louis scolaformer captain of the Argentine Basketball Team and NBA player for a decade, and businessman Jon Fatelevich is to raise a maximum of 9 million dollars (7.9 million euros) in the initial phase of the ICO. To reach this mark there is still a period of six weeks.

initial sections

This first phase consists of two sections. The first of them corresponds to a private offer in which up to 50 million will be placed of units of the new token, representing 5% of the total issue. Each of them will be placed at a reduced price of $0.10, although the minimum investment per participant is $2,500 (2,200 euros).

The second band corresponds to the pre-public offer of 15 million tokens stadium, equivalent to 1.5% of the entire broadcast. According to white paper of the new cryptocurrency, in this section its acquisition is guaranteed at a unit price of 0.20 dollars from a minimum investment of 1,000 dollars (880 euros).

Planned distribution of the new stadium token.

Planned distribution of the new stadium token.

For the moment, the numbers harvested in the first week of the operation have “exceeded the expectations” of its promoters, as Fatelevich has pointed out. Along the same lines, the co-founder and CEO of StadioPlus has stressed that, without “practically precedent of a similar collection in such a short time in Spain”, he hopes to “cover the entire round before the scheduled date”.

The roadmap for the launch of the stadium provides for a public offer for up to 0.5% of the maximum total issue, of 1 billion tokens. In addition, 15% of these upcoming titles will be reserved for the teams involved in the development of the project.

Additionally, 15% of these stadiums will be used for foster relationships with other companiesprojects and protocols, which in the sector crypto It is known as contribution to the ecosystem. Up to 13% will go to promotion and 10% of the emission will go to at the hands of potential business partners such as clubs, players and sports leagues. 2% will go to airdropsrewards to encourage new uses of the token as it becomes more widespread.

The focus on NFTs

The goal of the new tokenwhich was born as the unique and native cryptocurrency of the StadioPlus ecosystem, is facilitate NFT trading transactions on your platform. Which translates into more agile access for sports fans and more opportunities to monetize their brand to great players, teams, leagues and sports firms.

The deceased’s NFT collection Maradona and that of the former Inter Milan player Javier Zanettidesigned by the cryptoartist Javier Arrés, are among the best known of those developed by the platform. In addition, it has alliances with top-level athletes such as former tennis player John Charles Ferrero and the Argentine player of the Denver Nuggets Facundo Campazzo.

Among the advisers of this issue of tokenswhich will run on the ethereum blockchain, is the Swedish chromiawhich entered the capital of StadioPlus in a financing round held in July last year in which 700,000 euros were raised.


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