The Spanish company puts all the meat on the grill to strengthen its position in one of the markets in which it has the most hope.

The Spanish company puts all the meat on the grill to strengthen its position in one of the markets in which it has the most hope.

The Spanish company puts all the meat on the grill to strengthen its position in one of the markets in which it has the most hope.

SoFi Stadium will host the Super Bowl.

Next Sunday, February 13, the 56th edition of the Super Bowl will be held. The NFL final is characterized by being the first event of the year that paralyzes the United States – and increasingly a little bit of the rest of the world – by seating 120 million spectators on their sofas. A sports and musical show that counts among its attractions with the most valuable advertising minutes of the year and that this edition will have a Spanish accent.

Wallbox will issue an announcement during the 2022 edition that, more than a commercial claim, seeks to become a declaration of intent. The Spanish charging and energy management solutions company has the US market at the center of its strategy and has decided put all the meat on the grill this year.

The objective? Take a position of reference in the incipient market that will generate the popularization of electric mobility from day 1. This action is part of the growth strategy that the company is carrying out in the United States. And it is that, we must not forget that the United States is the world’s largest car market.

“In the United States, anyone who is thinking of buying a vehicle can be a potential buyer of both an electric vehicle and a charger. Studies show that most people consider at least the option of purchasing an electric. We want to show our innovative design products to these consumers, and in this sense the Super Bowl is the best place to massively present our brand to the public opinion”, explains the CEO of Wallbox, Enric Asunción.

66% of homes with their own garage

This move comes at a time when zero emission mobility is at the center of the country’s media debate. The plans launched by the Biden administration have set very ambitious goals to develop electric mobility in the United States that will be accompanied by billionaire investments. But apart from this type of aid, the US market has characteristics that are very much in line with the singularities of the new electrical paradigm.

Most of the charging of electric vehicles is done at home and as one of the leaders in this segment worldwide, we have the technology with the potential to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles for US drivers”, Asunción details. A key point, that of domestic loads, which changes the paradigm of traditional mobility.

Right now, to ‘charge’ a car, users must go to a gas station. With electric vehicles, all those who have a private car park or a garage they will have that ‘gas station’ in their own house. Something that in the United States is much more common than in Europe, let alone in Spain.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 66% of its occupied housing units have their own garage or carport. A figure that in our country turns around since 70% of our vehicle fleet sleeps on the street. A defining fact to understand the potential for adoption of electric mobility in the United States.

economic projections

During the last day of Wallbox investors, the company explained that the United States was already within the top 5 of your markets. In the third quarter of 2021, it registered sales worth 1.9 million dollars in the country, which raised the accumulated total in the first nine months of the year to 3.7 million dollars.

Some important figures but they are only the beginning of Wallbox’s strategy. According to estimates detailed last summer, the company expects the United States to soon move to become your third market and, in the medium term, in the first if the current rate of growth continues. Germany currently holds that position.

All this in a context in which Wallbox’s projections indicate an exponential increase in its income. Of the 79 million dollars set for the 2021 financial year, the company expects to jump to 1,173 million in 2025. A figure that would almost double in 2027, reaching 2,115 million dollars.

New factory in the United States

This ambitious plan was the basis on which the company began trading last year on the New York Stock Exchange. A startup that took off with a valuation close to 1,500 million dollars that allowed it to capture 252 million. Since then, its market capitalization has not stopped rising until it is above 2,000 million dollars.

Now, the appearance in the Super Bowl is added to the participation in the last edition of CES Las Vegas. The company presented its new product, the Quasar 2, at the most important technological event in the United States. A bidirectional and anti-blackout charger specifically designed to provide solutions to the needs of the US market in which single-family homes suffer this type of mishap with some regularity.

This device allows that, in the event that the house runs out of electricity, the house can use car battery as power source. With the capabilities of current electric vehicles, a single-family home could have the necessary resources to function during three days of a blackout.

To these issues will be added the commissioning of a new factory -the fourth for the company- in Arlington (Texas) throughout 2022. An installation that will have an investment of 44 million dollars and, according to forecasts, will create 250 jobs. A milestone that will culminate a year in which the company will put all the meat on the grill to make a substantial leap in its conquest of the United States. Few places better than the Super Bowl to get it going.


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