The professional is reborn after leaving politics as a new media star on public television.

The professional is reborn after leaving politics as a new media star on public television.

The professional is reborn after leaving politics as a new media star on public television.

Gonzalo Miró with Celia Villalobos during the 'MasterChef Celebrity' competition.

When searching the internet for information about Celia Villalobosthe first two matches that appear are Candy Crush and Masterchef. Neither the Popular Party, nor Pedro Arriola, nor the Congress of Deputies. A good example of the positioning of the former politician known in the general public for situations unrelated to her work of more than 30 years as a deputy.

and curiously Candy Crush and Masterchef they were mixed a few weeks ago to definitively launch her into media stardom and turn her into a television reference and a phenomenon fan unprecedented for a politician.

In the second program of this season, Alberta child participating in the edition Junior of the TVE cooking program, reminded her of the unfortunate episode of 2015, when she was hunted in the Congress playing this game on your iPad. A zaca of which Villalobos came out unscathed showing off some strangers boards television.

“In politics, everything happens: people who go to become millionaires and are scoundrels, people who go to appear in the newspapers and are just as scoundrels…. Y those of us who have been in politics for the common good“, he replied to the boy, totally ignoring the ‘episode Candy Crush’.

“It was just a few minutes, no more than five”, he did answer an interview with EL ESPAÑOL on September 27, in full tour to present his book passionate politics (Peninsula, 2020) where he outlines his political career and -true to his style- leaves no puppet with a head throwing darts at José María Aznar, Rodrigo Rato, Pablo Iglesias and Santiago Abascal.

new program

And it is that Celia Villalobos has earned in its own right to be the great phenomenon of the 2020 edition of Master Chef Celebrity and curiously, she has made it faithful to her style that has earned her great enemies in politics and criticism from the same audience that now worships her. Emulating the nineties as a talk show host Jesus Hermida,Villalobos has found a second youth on public television.

Sly, direct, folksy and without keeping anything. Celia Villalobos it is still the free verse of the PP, but now adapted to cathodic tastes. In fact, the impact of the former deputy has been such – that she stars in moments of tension and endearing in equal parts in Masterchef- that he has signed in another program on TVE, Like Sapiens.

Another kitchen space in which she has become a reporter and a kind of co-host with Miguel Angel Munoz. It started with a small appearance and in a few weeks he has taken over the program and with great ease he travels around the Spanish geography visiting restaurants and interviewing hoteliers.

With his signing, the public wanted to give a boost to audiences that have not responded. Weekly, Celia Villalobos gets more than 20% share and more 2.4 million viewers on average in master chefand the idea is to give a push to like Sapiens which does not exceed 5.5%. A kind of ‘armored contract’ with TVE with which it is already exploring other ways to continue collaborating.

A completely successful reinvention that has also allowed him to continue throwing taunts at his enemies. In fact, he has not stopped being the scourge of the current president of the People’s Party, Pablo Casado, during the party’s primaries two years ago and after leaving Congress in the winter of 2019.

Criticism of Married

In the primaries of his party, he placed Casado on the extreme right, slipping that he was an imitation of the style of Albert Rivera and even blamed him for being behind a video broadcast against Soraya Saenz de Santamaria.

In exchange, around that time, Casado removed her from the Permanent Council after 30 years in the body. sorayista Convinced, she left Congress and active politics when Casado took office and has not returned to participate in the party. At least officially, because she doesn’t hesitate to take up his criticism every time she’s asked.

In any case, Villalobos can criticize knowingly. She was for more than two decades a party deputy, mayor of Malaga, Minister of Health with Aznar and vice president of Congress with Rajoy. She is also a woman Peter Arriola, Mariano Rajoy’s main advisor in Communication during his years at Moncloa.

A party woman who paradoxically has found a second television youth under the protection of a TVE controlled by the Socialist Party. Change of ideology? The truth is that we have a television animal for a while.


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