The presenter is the owner of an audiovisual SME with an annual turnover of 4.3 million euros.

The presenter is the owner of an audiovisual SME with an annual turnover of 4.3 million euros.

The presenter is the owner of an audiovisual SME with an annual turnover of 4.3 million euros.

Ana Pastor, at the headquarters of Newtral, the production company of which she is the founder.

This Sunday the eighth season of The objectivethe program with which Ana Pastor landed on The sixth After a prolific career in Spanish Television and where she has established herself as an interviewer and as fact checker, dismantling hoaxes and verifying statements and data provided by politicians or by the media.

A way of doing journalism that has set a trend in times of social networks and overinformation, but that also has become a profitable business for the journalist herself. In the first two years of his life, Pastor has billed 8.3 million euros with his production company, newthralin charge of various audiovisual and informative formats such as The objective.

At the end of 2017, the presenter decided to go it alone and start her own audiovisual production company, whose first project was precisely The objective. The program has been on the air since 2013, but as of 2018 it became managed by the businesswoman Pastor, after an órdago of the journalist to Mediapro that until that moment carried out the program.

In an adventure without many certainties but with many risks. Pastor left Jaime Roures’ all-powerful production company despite the very good contract he had and agreed with Atresmedia to carry out The Objective and Where were you then?, with full control over both spaces.

In fact, Pastor invested part of the money earned in The objective in a new company. In the year of its foundation, newthral closed 2017 without commercial activity, without workers, an equity of 82,681 euros and losses of 10,494 euros. Everything was to be done.

An expanding SME

In 2018 the takeoff came. His audiovisual SME began to have a significant turnover in its first full year of operation. According to data sent to Commercial Registry, this course entered 3.8 million euros and spent 1.7 million in salaries and half a million in operating costs. Its operating profits exceeded one million and its profits reached 868,857 euros.

Newtral, owned 100% by Ana Pastor and of which she is the sole administrator, employed an average of 24 people with permanent contracts in 2018 and 12 with temporary contracts, although at the close of the financial year it did not have any person on staff.

Not insignificant figures for an SME and much more for an audiovisual SME, a falling market and with problems to survive in the new world of audiovisual platforms.

And 2019 came and business exploded. Newtral began to explore other areas and expanded into all fields of journalism. The creation of television programs remained its main activity, but the company began to operate in social networks, consultancy, education and launched a news verification portal.

In fact, in March 2019 the company also became one of the official Facebook hoax verifiers in Spain. A contract with a lot of controversy because it was criticized for being a judge (as verifiers) and a party (as a media outlet) in the fight against disinformation.

template is fired

The figures sent to Commercial Registry confirmed this growth. Billing skyrocketed to almost 4.4 million, personnel costs of 2.4 million and an increase in operating costs to 700,000 euros. This year he won 233,348 euros, precisely because of the increase in costs invested in the expansion of the company.

The workforce also shot up to 45 permanent employees and 30 temporary employees. The company now has a editorial equivalent to that of a newspaper in which audiovisual content is only part of the production. Designers, web technicians, copywriters and social media team work like a perfectly oiled gear to run an expanding empire.

An empire with which the figure of Ana Pastor as a businesswoman. In May 2019, the journalist established the company Benewtral S.A., registered under the code “programming activities and computer consultancy”. Specifically, it was established to “develop games on web or mobile applications that promote knowledge of current news, politics, social, cultural or technological issues.”

Newtral also reaches out to education. Under his brand, his professionals give talks on fact checking throughout Spain, a lucrative business that has led them to open their own university career.

In fact, registration is still open for the ‘Master in Digital Verification, Fact-Checking and Data Journalism‘ from the production company and CEU San Pablo University. Never has the control of the media or politicians been so profitable.


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