The presenter is increasingly uncomfortable for a government that aspires to control the political messages of television networks.

The presenter is increasingly uncomfortable for a government that aspires to control the political messages of television networks.

The presenter is increasingly uncomfortable for a government that aspires to control the political messages of television networks.

Vicente Vallés, in a file image.

“Moncloa launched the slogan we come out strongerbut that optimism collided abruptly with the reality of this summer in which the incidence of the virus has increased again… In fact, we haven’t dated yet“. Biting, ironic, successful. vIcent Valles in its purest form, coming back from vacation and putting things in their place. The journalist who has probably been the hardest on the Government of Pedro Sanchez in recent months he has done it again this week.

It has also done so at a time when the president of Government has released what is perhaps his largest political communication campaign of his term to convince politicians that they must approve their Budgets, businessmen that we must row together towards economic reconstruction, and society that we can overcome the pandemic.

A campaign in which the media are key and in which television is a fundamental pillar. The President’s team led by Ivan Round considers that the messages that are issued in this medium are perhaps the most important.

Hence the obsession with making appearances at prime time and repeating a weekly speech throughout the confinement, on weekends and with the whole family gathered by obligation in front of the television.

Without television there is no government. Sánchez’s maxim is clear and the critic does not fit in it Vicente Valles. The presenter has spent the entire pandemic harshly criticizing the Government, Sánchez, his ministers and Podemos. No one has been spared from his editorials in which he has exposed the inconsistencies and contradictions of the government’s strategy.

Esther Vaquero presents 'Antena 3 Noticias 2' together with Vicente Vallés.

Esther Vaquero presents ‘Antena 3 Noticias 2’ together with Vicente Vallés.

For months, each intervention of Vicente Valles in the news of the private chain they are a torpedo to the waterline of the current coalition executive of PSOE and Podemos.

Some interventions that have unhinged even the leader of United We Can, Pablo Echenique: “In reality, what happens to Vicente Vallés is simple and it is the same thing that happens to the entire right and extreme right: it gives him a rash that the sewers did not achieve their objective and United We Can is in government. It’s his right, but don’t call it ‘informative’”.

And nothing seems to indicate that it will change at the beginning of this course. A situation that worries -and a lot- in the main floor of the Government Presidency. Valles It is uncomfortable. In fact, the team Sanchez He also considers that it is the last bastion of some television networks that practically do not criticize the president.

With the RTVE of Rosa Maria Mateo and Enric Hernandez totally controlled, the Mediaset of Juan Pedro Valentin and Pedro Piqueras that does not enter the political war and the Sixth of Anthony Garcia Ferreras which is completely tilted to the left, the television news Vicente Vallesin the prime time of Antena 3, has become the enemy to beat.

The sources consulted indicate that if it were for Moncloa it would not present the news and it would not go on the air. The problem is that to the further misfortune of the president, Vallés has become one of the most followed presenterswhich makes you a profitable and irreplaceable professional in your chain.

Vicente Vallés on the set of Antena 3 Noticias

Vicente Vallés on the set of Antena 3 Noticias

Last Thursday, when he charged again Sanchez,his news program had an average of 2,183,000 viewers, an 18.7% audience share. It was by far the first option above the 1,793,000 viewers of Telecinco. An average that has been repeated throughout the year.

In July -the last month before the holidays- its news program reached 1,674,000 viewers on average daily, 16% of Compartir. So far in 2020, its news has an average of 2.3 million viewers and -not counting the summer- a 14.2% audience share, its highest figure in the last 10 years.

With these figures, the night edition of the Vicente Vallés newscast is on its way to being the most watched, which means a double-edged sword: On the one hand, their criticisms will have an increasingly larger loudspeaker, generating more nuisance in Moncloa, but on the other hand, as the weeks go by, it will be more impossible to get him out of the front line.

In the chain environment Saint Sebastian of the kings any pressure is denied and the maximum confidence in the presenter is reiterated. In the same way, with the legion of Vallés fans on social networks, it would be unthinkable to carry out any operation to try to remove him and nobody is willing to bear the cost of the avalanche of criticism that could come in the future.

Ask me to tone it down? It does not seem that Vallés is that type of person, they say in Moncloa. while it seems that Pedro Sanchez and Podemos They will have to get used to his comments and his ironic touch that have made his speeches more and more applauded and that videos with Vallés’s signature do not stop circulating on social networks saidbecoming trending topic more and more frequently.

Vicente Vallés and Ana Pastor, hosts of the last Atresmedia presidential debate.

Vicente Vallés and Ana Pastor, hosts of the last Atresmedia presidential debate.
Atresmedia / Twitter

After going through the Being Chain, Spanish Television, telemadrid Y TelecincoVallés has found his maximum expression at the head of the television news Antenna 3. And it seems that Vallés is here to stay. He has the support of the public, his peers and the profession –who defend him without fissures every time a politician is revolted by his criticism– and especially from his chain, where he has a long-term and armored contract successively since 2016.

Therefore, it seems that Sánchez is condemned to continue listening to lapidary interventions like the one in June last year, one of the most applauded. “One of the most curious data, we could also say incredible, from the CIS survey, has to do with the perception of citizens about their personal economic situation.” “In March, 35% thought it was good or very good, in April it was 69% and in May, 70%, therefore, as the economy worsens in Spain, the economy of the Spaniards improves”… “This is great news… If it were true”.


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