The presenter invests again in the audiovisual market in the midst of a pandemic, in a sector with many clouds and few certainties.

The presenter invests again in the audiovisual market in the midst of a pandemic, in a sector with many clouds and few certainties.

The presenter invests again in the audiovisual market in the midst of a pandemic, in a sector with many clouds and few certainties.

Ana Rosa Quintana in a public act last January.

Anna Quintana has lived a vertiginous summer, perhaps much more complex than what has been reflected on the pages of paper couché. The presenter herself declared Hello that his summer period had not had any shocks: “It has been a very quiet summer, at home with the family.”

A balance published hours before this Monday, September 7, he returned to take charge of The AR Program –his house for 16 years – but that was not completely faithful to reality. And it is that between June and July He starred in two crucial events for his futuretwo events unknown to the general public.

In the middle of her vacations, the popular presenter renewed her contract with Mediasetsigning a “long-term” commitment and entered the capital of the production company Unicornthe one that carries out its program and of which it has become the majority shareholder. Some movements that clear his professional future in the medium term, but at the same time add some uncertainty to his business portfolio.

Two events that reflect her whole body and that bring to light one of her great characteristics: her desire to undertake and her support for the Spanish audiovisual industry, all this in the midst of the uncertainties generated by the coronavirus and the poor immediate prospects for the sector.

With assets of at least ten million euros, with 64 years of age, a renewal under his arm and a Compartir 20% daily, few would have embarked on a new business venture. But she has.

Ana Rosa Quintana returns to the set with a new haircut.

Ana Rosa Quintana returns to the set with a new haircut.

Entry in Unicorn

In the case of its renewal, the sources consulted by invested indicate that it would have been for at least three years and with a maximum of five, depending on the evolution of the presenter’s relationship with the chain of Paul Vasilewhich would complete at least twenty years in command of the mornings of Telecinco.

Regarding the numbers, amounts have been published on several sites that range from four to six million euros. “No figure has been right”, say sources in the sector who refer to the confidentiality clause signed between Ana Rosa and Mediaset. A millionaire clause that nobody wants to break.

In any case, from his environment he ensures that the important thing is that Quintana will continue to lead the space and that a favorable agreement has been reached for both parties, assuming the impact of the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus on the future of television.

A renovation that has taken place almost at the same time that the decision was made to invest again in the audiovisual world. In July it was known that he entered the capital of Unicorn Content as majority shareholder, of which Mediaset has 30%. She did it through her company OTELUM, SL.

The production company was founded by Xelo Montesinos -the historical director of The AR Program– at the end of 2017 and in 2018 they replaced Quartz in the production of space. Ana Rosa herself had abandoned the capital of the production company that she founded in mid-2017 and after the end of the non-competition period, ddecided to embark on the new adventure.

Joaquín Prat with Ana Rosa Quintana.

Joaquín Prat with Ana Rosa Quintana.

Equity investments

Ana Rosa is committed to a thriving, growing company that has managed to carve out a niche on the national scene in just three years. Unicorn Content had a turnover of 22.6 million euros in 2019 and earned 2.6 million euros, a good example of your good financial health.

This is thanks to the fact that it is the second production company with the most live hours on Spanish television with programs such as The AR program’, ‘It’s already noon’, ‘Four a day’, ‘In the spotlight’, ‘120 Minutes’ and ‘Women in power’.

“Financial nose is not lacking”, say those who know her. In fact, Ana Rosa Quintana has won it all, economically and professionally yeIn good measure thanks to the fact that he has been able to combine his success on the small screen with the management of his companies.

In 2000 he founded Cuarzo and in 2009 he sold 51% -along with his other three partners- to Banijay. It is estimated that for this operation he obtained about 18 million, to which another three million were added in 2019 when his definitive exit was closed.

In another important decision for his economic future, in March 2018 he decided to close his sicav and convert it into a limited company. In this way, Argomaniz Inversiones currently has assets of ten million euros, according to its 2018 accounts. It is Ana Rosa’s piggy bank, where she has her greatest asset.

Ana Rosa on her set.

Ana Rosa on her set.

television prescriber

And it is that Ana Rosa has two faces. The first, and best known, is that of a successful presenter who It has been the leader in television morning audiences for more than a decade. A journalist who gets up every day at six to take charge of her own space, one of the most recognizable on Spanish television.

But he has a face unknown to the general public, that of a businesswoman with a great nose for businesswith a considerable net worth, a handful of companies and investments in different businesses even beyond the world of television.

But none of this economic success would have been possible without his professional success. To assess this impact, just one detail. This week he has returned to his program after the holidays, marking a 20% share and retaking the leadership from the first day. Not even the interview with the President of the Government on Monday in the new mornings of La 1 could overshadow him. Sánchez only obtained a 7% share and Ana Rosa approached 20%.

A sample of the value of Ana Rosa as a television figure and prescriber of brands. The sources consulted by this newspaper indicate that the cost of the advertisements that are broadcast on her program is the highest after the prime time of the chain. In other words, the second largest advertising revenue for Telecinco is generated by Quintana.

This makes her perhaps the biggest prescriber on television. She is one of the figures with the greatest pull among Spaniards, so 20 seconds on her program can cost “several hundred thousand euros.” Ana Rosa’s profitability is assured and her future in the medium term, too.


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