The new project is a joint venture between this newspaper and the creator of Vandal, Pablo Grandío.

The new project is a joint venture between this newspaper and the creator of Vandal, Pablo Grandío.

The new project is joint venture between this newspaper and the creator of Vandal, Pablo Grandío.

Thirty-six is the new commitment to local and digital journalism that was born this Thursday from the hand of Paul Grandiocreator of Vandal -the videogame portal of reference in Spain- and Fifteen thousandreference newspaper of the local information of to Coruna. Like its counterpart from A Coruña, the objective of this new header is to rescue the essence of the province of Pontevedra and of Vigo and return local information to its citizens.

Treintayseis are the first two numbers of the postal code of Pontevedra and the bet of this newspaper is to place in its header the great attachment of Galicians to their postal codes. To close this circle of closeness with local readers, the newspaper has chosen the rande bridge as its emblem “symbol of modernity in Vigo and what unites him with the rest of the people of Galicia”, Grandio says to Invertia.

Just like Quincemil, Thirty-six wants to take the daily pulse, tell everything that happens in the street and identify with its people to inform them of what is happening in their environment. And it is that, according to Paul Grandio, the idea of ​​creating a native digital local media in Vigo to increase the little coverage that the closest events have on the internet and to capitalize on the great success of the portal launched in April 2019.

“The idea was always to replicate the model of Fifteen thousandin other cities of Galician. And we decided to launch our second capital in the South Pole, the largest metropolitan area in Galicia, which also allows us to generate many synergies with A Coruna“, says Grandío in conversation with this newspaper.

Regarding the impact of the header on A Coruna has indicated that they never expected such rapid success. “According to ComScore we are the third most read digital newspaper in Galicia, only behind The Voice of Galicia and The Lighthouse of Vigo. We made ourselves known by creating very disruptive content, but confinement and the crisis have allowed us to show that we can make very serious content and we have been a benchmark for Covid information for the last six months.”

The person in charge of the editorial Vigo will be Andrea Pérez-Bouzada, With experience in ABC and Five Dayscompanies like Pescanova and in the Government Delegation. “Being part of a journalistic project from the beginning is an opportunity that not everyone has and it is very exciting. The whole team is very happy to be able to participate in this launch. It is something that also unites us as a work group and that creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm from the beginning, something very positive for Thirty-six be a success”, he told this newspaper.

“It is a project created for Vigo and made in Vigo by people from Vigo. This is important because it is a local digital newspaper in which we will try to address the issues that interest the people here; both in the city of Olívica and in its area of ​​influence, eventually encompassing the entire province of Pontevedra“.

The editor-in-chief of Thirty-sixhas indicated that synergies with Fifteen thousandthere are many. “Fifteen thousand paved the way for EL ESPAÑOL’s commitment to local journalism and it is something that is going to help us a lot in Thirty six. The synergies between the two teams are essential, since there will be issues that transcend local interest and are relevant to the entire Community, so the collaboration between the two newsrooms will be a fact from the start”.

In fact, another of the main objectives of the new publication is become the partner of EL ESPAÑOL in vigo, in his eyes and in part of his new delegation throughout the Galician territory, along with Fifteen thousand in to Coruna.

Thirty-six It will premiere with an interview with Abel Caballero. The idea is to have a strong impact at birth as it had Fifteen thousand with the interview with Augusto Cesar Lendoiro the former president of Sports La Coruna and one of the most mediatic characters of to Coruna.


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