The main springs of ‘streaming’ continue to be the telecommunications operators and their pay television services.

The main springs of ‘streaming’ continue to be the telecommunications operators and their pay television services.

The main springs of ‘streaming’ continue to be the telecommunications operators and their pay television services.

Still from Stranger Things, one of the series with the greatest pull on Netflix.

The pandemic and the state of alarm brought with them an explosion in the consumption of audiovisual content around the world, placing platforms in streaming and the OTTs as the big winners in an increasingly unequal battle against traditional television.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney+, Filmin, Rakuten, FlixOlé. In the case of Spain, there is practically no household that is not subscribed to one of these platforms, although the opacity of these companies to make their subscription data public means that until now it has been impossible to confirm this exponential growth.

However, different market sources consulted by invested They have put figures to this takeoff that has been maintained after confinement. The data that this newspaper can confirm suggests that only between Netflix, HBO and Disney+the number of users would already reach 7.5 million.

The only official data regarding these platforms is the one provided by the Household Dashboard published by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC). According to the latest data from this survey corresponding to the second half of 2019, 40.5% of Spanish households with internet used payment platforms to view audiovisual content online in this period.

If we take the INE For reference, this means that 6,864,000 households used platforms like HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar Lite or Filmin to view audiovisual content. These figures did not include Disney+ who arrived in Spain in March of this year.

Figures per platform

Despite not providing official data, Netflix has always recognized -and before the pandemic- that are above three milliona figure that reached 1.5 million in the case of HBO and close to a million in the case of Amazon Prime Video.

But the confinement arrived and subscriptions skyrocketed, both contracting the service through their own platforms and with telecommunications operators. Vodafone offers Netflix, Prime Video and HBO exclusively, while Movistar incorporates Netflix and Disney+ into its convergent packages. Orange, meanwhileincludes Netflix and Amazon in its convergences.

In this way, the data from the sources consulted indicate that at the beginning of this course Netflix would be close to reaching four million users, HBO would already be over two million long and Disney + would be very close to reaching 1.5 millions.

In the case of Netflix, it is more difficult to arrive at standardized data because an account can have up to four different users and profiles. In fact, all of these almost four million users do not pay for the service in Spain.

In the case of HBOthe great driver of subscriptions is the television service of Vodafone and on Disney + the same thing happens with Movistar. In the latter case, it is estimated that 85% of users in the sector have contracted it through Telefónica, which offers convergent packages with this television service.

Total users

However, if we add all the users of these three platforms to those of Amazon Prime Videowhich would be at least one million, and those of other services such as Filmin, Rakuten and FlixOlé that they would have at least another half a million, the total number of users would skyrocket to nine million for all platforms, well above the 6.9 million that the CNMC survey confirmed in December last year.

At least 30% growth in less than nine months. The time that has included all the boom of these platforms for confinement, the prolonged stay of schoolchildren at home and new teleworking habits.


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