The journalist has not managed to position herself as a replacement of guarantees for the Andalusian communicator.

The journalist has not managed to position herself as a replacement of guarantees for the Andalusian communicator.

The journalist has not managed to position herself as a replacement of guarantees for the Andalusian communicator.

Pilar García Muñiz and Carlos Herrera.

Charles Herrera you’ll have to wait to get your retirement back on track. The Andalusian communicator and the management team of Chain Cope lead by Fernando Gimenez Barriocanalbet in August of last year for Pilar Garcia Muniz as a replacement for the first section of Herrera in Copebut the results have not been as expected and thirteen months later the doubts return to settle in the main floor of Alfonso XI.

The balance that is made in Cope regarding the work of the former TVE presenter It is not bad, but it is far from being the person they were looking for to act as a substitute and natural replacement for Herrera when he began his gradual withdrawal from the airwaves. Garcia Muniz She is a good reader of the news, organizes her work well in the mornings, but she does not have the bite of the Andalusian, much less her rudeness to set the tone and political news with editorials and scathing comments.

The idea was that at first it would only be his radio partner and his informative complement -something that he has fulfilled with flying colours- but Cope’s management team was confident that, little by little, he would take flight and shine with his own light, something that has not happened and that has no signs of happening in the future. In fact, the times that he has had to assume command alone due to the absence of Herrera, the result has not been in line with what was expected.

“I have come to be your partner.” In August 2019 Pilar García Muñiz premiered in Cope sharing a few minutes with Antonio Herraiz and with Carlos Herrera himself praising the Andalusian communicator. Officially Cope said that the until then presenter of Weekly report and historical of TVE, would share a microphone with Herrera in the section from six to ten in the morning.

However, the information collected by invested indicated that Garcia Muniz It was the one chosen by the communicator himself to be his successor “as soon as possible” in the informative part of the program. These same sources indicated that Herrera was a fan of Garcia Muniz from his time in the extinct Spain Direct of TVE. “He has seen in Pilar the perfect substitute for Paloma Tortajada”, the communicator’s historical producer since his return to Cope who died in April of that year.

Substitute search

The original plan included Garcia Muniz will start to take on more solo hours before starting this season and that starting this September Herrera only intervened to read his editorial before eight o’clock and that it will begin its work on the air starting at 8:30 with the talk show. This same planning He indicated that for the next season the journalist would be in charge of the entire morning slot and that he would appear only after eight o’clock.

But things have not turned out as expected, which has brought the entire process back to the starting point to seek a replacement of guarantees for blacksmith in the first part of the program. In the new context, Pilar Garcia Muniz will still be number two blacksmithbut in parallel, the search for a substitute who can effectively take over in the future will be reactivated.

The problem is that, as of today, there are no names on the table and despite the fact that Herrera has renewed for five years, this is not a guarantee that he will fully fulfill this commitment. This forces Cope to speed up the search for the replacement.

Before the course started, Chain Cope announced the renewal of Carlos Herrera, its great star, for five years. A new contract with a duration never seen in the communicator’s career with the bishops’ radio station that surprised the sector, because the journalist himself had been telling his closest entourage for months its intention to undertake a progressive withdrawal from the airwaves.

The point is that in the small print of this five-year contract, sold as a guarantee of long-term collaboration, has really been articulated in a formula through which Herrera will be able to decide on his future in the medium term and could break the link in less than two years.

New contract

In the document there is a specific renegotiation clause in the summer of 2022. A “two plus three” common in radio figures. In fact, his own Herrera used a formula in his previous contract by signing for three years in 2018but with a “two plus one”, two seasons with a review before starting the third.

In this way, Herrera ensured even more flexibility than in his previous engagement. The end of his 2018 contract was due to expire in June next year, but with this new agreement he could retire in the summer of 2022, if he wanted to.

This is how what has been sold as a great renewal, really only secured Herrera’s record for one more year than his previous contract. With this panorama and the defeat of Pilar García Muñiz, it is not surprising that there is concern in Cope.


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