The Government and the Community of Madrid have indicated that the award ceremony for Los Leones 2020 complied with all protocols.

The Government and the Community of Madrid have indicated that the award ceremony for Los Leones 2020 complied with all protocols.

The Government and the Community of Madrid have indicated that the award ceremony for Los Leones 2020 complied with all protocols.

El Español breaks a record: 6.5 million in one day, driven by false controversy

THE SPANISH has registered 6,575,236 unique users this Tuesday. The figure represents a new daily record for this newspaper, according to data recorded by Google Analytics, and marks a new milestone in the unstoppable upward trajectory of audiences for this newspaper.

This figure -driven by the great coverage of this newspaper of the declaration of the state of alarm, especially the information “The Government lifts the mandatory curfew throughout Spain 48 hours after imposing it.– has coincided with the false controversy generated in social networks around the commemoration of the V Anniversary of this newspaper and the delivery of the fourth edition of the The Lions Awards of EL ESPAÑOL 2020.

This newspaper registered 23.3 million unique users in ComScore in September and in the last quarter it has successively surpassed in audience The country, The world Y ABC. Solid digital native leader, in recent months he has managed to place himself on the podium of the Spanish press.

The false controversy echoed by some media outlets attempted to target this newspaper for organizing an event in the Casino of Madrid that complied with all health and safety measures and each of the recommendations established by both the Madrid’s community as for his own Government of Spain.

Cheered on by radical social media accounts around Podemos and Vox, a series of politicians have jumped on the bandwagon of controversy. This same Wednesday in the control session at Government in Congressthe ERC representative, Gabriel Rufian, he referred to the event as “the Ibex bottle”. “While half of this hemicycle was in the bottle of the Ibex 35 with Pedro J., this happened”, indicated the deputy showing a photograph of an eviction in Carabanchel.

Illa’s response

In the same way, Macarena Olonadeputy spokesperson on the Vox Congress, indirectly referred to the event. “We would not share a tablecloth or a round bed at luxurious dinners organized by the media, without a mask, without a safety distance and breaching limited capacity, the curfew and letting the restrictions be for the Spanish.”

For his part, the deputy of Vox, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteroshas related the award with a rapprochement between the PSOE and the PP. “You have already managed to tame the PP. They have been homologated, they have already been given the Democratic card. They beg for an agreement and celebrate with late-night parties while confining Spaniards and threatening sanctions if they behave like you.”

On Tuesday, the official social networks of Can They also disassociated themselves from the event. “All the ministers and ministers were invited, but the UP decided not to attend”, they indicated in their account in Twitter.

In the same control session in the Congressthe minister of Health, Salvador Illa, He presented his version of the events, clarifying that the protocols were complied with at all times. “Like many others, I was only there for the time strictly necessary to support the Armed Forces, who have done such a good job (N del R: the León a la Solidaridad was awarded to the FAS for their work during Covid) and after the award ceremony I left and didn’t stay for dinner.”

“Many citizens have not understood it and I want to tell them that the rules were followed. Although they are right because even in those cases where the protocols are followed, it is better to avoid it. There is only one path: the best distance is not to be there and we must all guide ourselves along that path”.

The version of Pedro J. Ramírez

Also the spokesperson and finance minister, Maria Jesus Monterorecognized on Tuesday that the event scrupulously complied with all the health security measures established by the Madrid’s communityalthough he said that he had to do a “self-reflection” for everything that happened.

For its part, Pedro J. Ramirez has pointed out in The Night in 24 Hours of TVE that we are facing a fictitious controversy since the event complied with all the protocols established by all the administrations.

“We cannot allow the outlaws of social networks to We can and Vox, and less when they act in tune, govern our lives. We are not in a confinement, we are in a state of alarm in which a curfew and some restrictions have been established. Anyone who complies with these restrictions, as recognized by the Government and the Community of Madridcan and must continue to act with the margins provided by law”, he indicated.

“It was an exemplary act, a model event. The 80 people who occupied a room planned for 240 attended on time. There were hardly any social contacts before they sat down at their tables and everyone came with their mask and did not take it off until dinner began. All the photographs in which people are seen wearing a mask, or there is a drink in the glass or food on the plate. That is to say, the same situation that exists in any restaurant in any Spanish city”.

In the same way, Ramírez recalled that the act also complied with the curfew established in Madrid. “The act ended an hour and a quarter before the curfew decreed in the Madrid’s communityso we should look at what happened at the event, especially in our tribute to the Armed Forces and what they have been doing for Spanish society in the coronavirus pandemic.

“act smart”

“What should not cloud the Government is that in social networks, that dump of demagoguery and radicalism, the two exaggerations have been added: that of Podemos and that of Vox. The first with the cynicism of saying that we have invited them, but that they have not wanted to go. We have been inviting them to our events for five years and they have never come“.

“Have I thought? Yes, and I am very proud to have hosted this event and I have conveyed my thoughts to the spokesperson minister: Be careful not to get carried away by the flare-ups of frustration and hate that exist on social networks. You have to act smart.”, it is finished.


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