The five years signed a month ago could be shortened depending on conditions two years from now.

The five years signed a month ago could be shortened depending on conditions two years from now.

The five years signed a month ago could be shortened depending on conditions two years from now.

Carlos Herrera on the Camino de Santiago in a Twitter image.

a little over a month ago Chain Cope announced the renewal of Carlos Herrera, its great star, for five years. A new contract with a duration never seen in the communicator’s career with the bishops’ radio station that surprised the sector, because the journalist himself had been telling his closest entourage for months its intention to undertake a progressive withdrawal from the airwaves.

What happened? This newspaper has been able to confirm that this five-year contract, sold as a guarantee of long-term collaboration, has really been articulated in a formula through which Herrera will be able to decide on his future in the medium term and could break the link in less than two years.

As Invertia has learned, in the document there is a specific renegotiation clause in the summer of 2022. A “two plus three” common in radio figures. In fact, his own Herrera used a formula in his previous contract by signing for three years in 2018but with a “two plus one”, two seasons with a review before starting the third.

This allowed that before this current season (when the review was carried out after two seasons) a framework agreement was brought forward until 2025. An agreement with a small ‘catch’ which allows you to renegotiate in two more years.

In this way, Herrera ensured even more flexibility than in his previous engagement. The end of his 2018 contract was due to expire in June next year, but with this new agreement he could retire in the summer of 2022, if he wanted to. This is how what has been sold as a great renewal, really only secured Herrera’s record for one more year than his previous contract.

The ‘We can factor’

Then, What does it depend on if it is extended for three years until 2025? The sources with whom this newspaper has spoken indicate that the way in which his entire contract is fulfilled is directly related to Pablo Iglesias and Pedro Sánchez, two of his best targets and responsible for much of his success in audiences.

Charles Herrera is fully aware that his current success – which could give him a historic first place at the EGM in November this year – is only sustained from the trenches and criticism of the Government of coalition. In Cope they also know that the boom of Herrera’s most militant journalism will only last until Sánchez and Iglesias are in Moncloa.

In this sense, his analysis leads him to foresee that the current coalition has -at most- two years of life in the current circumstances, due to the economic crisis that shows no signs of receding and due to the wear and tear of the two government parties.

Herrera is very comfortable being the whip of the Government and its 2.5 million daily listeners endorse its communion with an audience that is very tense due to the current political situation. A pull that is lost if the leftist coalition is not in the Executive. Herrera against it would not work with a PP Executive and there is little room for criticism that would remain with the left in opposition.

That is why mid-2022 is a great date to renegotiate conditions. Everything indicates that, if by that time Iglesias is not in MoncloaHerrera will put an end to his political chronicle and will negotiate the way in which he continues, with much more flexibility and doing things much more ‘light’.

pay cut

Another important aspect is the economic issue. The new contract reduces the figures of his two previous commitments in the form of a Covid clause that imposes a cut in his salary of between 10% and 20%, depending on the circumstances and while the pandemic affects the accounts of cope.

At the moment, the reduction applies to the 2020 season and everything indicates that it will continue until 2021. In principle, if everything returns to normal -which is saying a lot- Herrera would return to the salary he had before the crisis in 2022. If he does not return to these figures, this year’s renegotiation may have a new handicap and another incentive for the communicator to reduce his appearances on the air and lower his record.

Herrera earns about seven million per season applying this discount, which multiplied by five, brings us to a whopping 35 million for the entire period. If he only serves two years at full capacity, Cope would register a significant reduction in his total salary bill.

The third big factor that Herrera will take into account will be his audience. The Andalusian communicator recorded 2,443,000 listeners in the last wave of the EGM known in April, which represented a growth of 9.6% and its second highest figure in this station.

Herrera gained a whopping 214,000 listeners and is now only separated by less than 400,000 from Day by day of Cadena Ser, the historic leader in this time slot. When the Andalusian communicator was released in 2015, the distance was over a million followers. Leadership is one step away and could be achieved by the end of this year. On the contrary, if the first place is far away again in 2022 there will be another element against the renegotiation. Everything is open.


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