The first seven months of the year draw a negative scenario for newspapers in all their media.

The first seven months of the year draw a negative scenario for newspapers in all their media.

The first seven months of the year draw a negative scenario for newspapers in all their media.

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Advertising in print newspapers has experienced a black year. Covid-19 has accelerated a collapse that had been weighing down the sector in the last five years. The problem is that this time the fall has not been compensated by the digital editions of these newspapers that also fall, although to a lesser extent.

The data from the titles themselves, to which Invertia has had access, indicate that during the first seven months of the year advertising for the paper editions of these newspapers fell by 19.6%. In the case of its digital editions, the decline was 3.3%.

A behavior that has practically equaled the income from advertising of the two media in the month of July. In this period, the print advertising of all the newspapers associated with the Information Media Association (AMI) it reached 24.8 million euros, while that of its digital editions reached 21.9 million.

Income by sectors

By sectors, the general newspapers reduced their income in print by 20.4% and by 1.2% in digital. In this way, in July 22.3 million entered through its printed editions and another 14.6 million through digital channels.

Sports cars continue to lead the way, although with very bad data so far this year. The figures to which this newspaper has had access speak of a drop in seven months of 24.7% on paper and 11.3% on digital. the diaries Brand, Sports World, Ace and Sport 1.2 million came in on paper in July and another 5.5 million in digital.

The surprise was marked by the economic newspapers that improved by 6.3% in paper advertising and grew by 9.2% in digital. However, its weight in the total is not representative since In July, the economic ones only invoiced 1.3 million on paper and 1.7 million on digital.

header income

by headers, The country It reduced its paper billing by 39.3% and digital billing by 9.6%. In July it entered one million euros on paper and 2.7 million on digital. The world it lost 27.6% on paper and 6.1% on digital so far this year, while in July it entered 831,000 euros and two million, respectively.

For its part, the newspaper ABC It reduced its income from print advertising by 17.7%, but grew by 4.3% in digital between January and July. In this way, it joins the club of newspapers with more digital than printed advertising, entering 1.5 million compared to 1.4 million in July.

While, The vanguard It reduced its paper advertising by 34.4% until July and improved it by 9.1% in digital in the last seven months. As for revenue in July, it reached 1.3 million on paper and 1.8 million in its digital edition.


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