The energy mediator denounces the increase in electricity prices

The Energy Mediator Denounces The Increase In Electricity Prices

Jean Gaubert estimates that the most precarious will suffer from the increase of nearly 6% of the tariffs envisaged this summer. This will lead to an increase in invoices of 85 euros on average.

Jean Gaubert is sounding the alarm. The national energy mediator, warns the government on the consequences of the future increase in electricity prices. This increase of nearly 6%, which was frozen last winter in the midst of the “yellow vests” crisis. “People in a precarious situation will find themselves in a much more complicated situation,” he laments this morning at the microphone of RTL.

The increase in regulated electricity tariffs will affect all residential consumers subscribed to EDF’s blue tariff, ie 25.6 million households, as well as small businesses (3.2 million). It is estimated at 85 euros per year for a household that is heated by electricity. According to Jean Gaubert, the most precarious people will have difficulty paying these 85 euros. “It’s still a heavy increase for consumers. It will take place in the summer when energy consumption is lower, but there will be a winter after the summer and it will be a little heavier on households in a precarious situation which have the least well insulated homes ”, denounces he does.

These 85 euros which will inflate the bill will also cancel the effects of the increase in the energy check, estimates the mediator. The government had indeed announced last November, in a gesture of appeasement towards the “yellow vests”, whose goal is to help the modest French to pay their energy bill. The target of beneficiaries had also been extended to 5.6 million households. But for Jean Gaubert, the 6% increase in electricity prices will nullify this effort to support purchasing power.