“The digitization of the economy is one of the four transformations that Spain needs. No sector is oblivious to it”, she stated.

“The digitization of the economy is one of the four transformations that Spain needs.  No sector is oblivious to it”, she stated.

“The digitization of the economy is one of the four transformations that Spain needs. No sector is oblivious to it”, she stated.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in the Congress of Deputies.

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, has asked media editors for a reconversion plan for the sector in line with the European Union guidelines on digitization and sustainability to access the recovery fund committed to our country for 140,000 million euros.

“The painful situation we have experienced has highlighted aspects of our society such as the importance of access to and treatment of information for democratic stability, Sánchez pointed out in the opening speech of the XV Congress of Publishers of the Spanish Association of Publishers of Periodical Publications (AEEPP).

The AEEPP presented to the Government a Plan of urgent measures for the media and magazine sector together with Association of Information Magazines (ARI), Association of Professional Press and Multimedia Content (Coneqtia) and Association of Cultural Magazines of Spain (ARCE).

“Emergency situation”

At the opening of the Congress, he also spoke the president of the AEPP, Arsenio Escolar, who has highlighted “emergency situation” that the media are going through with which the sector will need “probably a complete reconstruction”.

For it has requested support from public administrations and has summoned them to remove obstacles to its development and seek consensus because they are not just another economic sector, but rather one “key”, the one who watches over power, the guarantor of the constitutional right of citizens to information and freedom of expression.

Escolar stressed that given the situation the media are going through, the AEEPP presented to the Government different initiatives that can help reconvert the sector and strengthen the system against the threat of manipulation, misinformation and fake news.

The measures presented, he explained, have been concretized in a plan, that work has been done on the publisher platform that will be presented soon and that it has been constituted together with three other associated professional associations.

“We have managed to get the Government to support the sector with some initiatives, such as the application of digital VAT of 4% required by European provisions, but we need other measures to ensure the survival of the sector”, he said.

“Without good, solid and solvent media, it is impossible to overcome the crisis and sustain the health of our democracy”, concluded Arsenio Escolar.

four transformations

For his part, Pedro Sánchez added that “the digitization of the economy is one of the four transformations that Spain needs. No sector is oblivious to this”, he stated, adding that “digitization, 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies pose an enormous challenge for the sector and for companies. traditional ways of practicing journalism. They also represent an enormous source of possibilities and alternatives”.

Before him technological challenge facing the publishing sector, “of enormous complexity and scope”, the president has pointed out that “it is time for recovery and job creation; That is why we need all the established and strategic sectors of our economy, and I would say yours is one of the most important, to ally themselves with the country project that we are undertaking. The Government of Spain will always be on your side”, has indicated.

profound changes

Pedro Sanchez It is committed to “deal with all those claims that contribute to that recovery, because our country – from the public sector to the private sector – has to develop a gigantic economic program to absorb the aid from the European recovery plan with intelligence, responsibility and an eye towards the future. I invite you to join this effort.”

The president has highlighted the moment of profound changes that are coming and has called for work to turn threats into opportunities: “We live in exceptional times. The pandemic will be the catalyst for a profound change in society and we all have to work intensely so that this evolution leads us towards a freer, more sustainable, more egalitarian world. Especially those who, like the media, have a decisive role in defending democratic values.”

Sánchez has also sent a message of optimism for the sector. He appealed “to the imagination, knowledge, creativity and confidence to take risks in betting by opening new paths and opportunities.”

“Spain needs unity and you and you as journalists can contribute to assembling the whole of Spanish society. in our history, the press has experienced the transformations first-hand, without ever losing its leading role and I am convinced that this Congress will serve to successfully smooth out this change in the future for a sector that is essential for a democratic society like ours”, he mentioned.

Democratic contribution

“It is evidence,” he asserted, “that A full democracy cannot exist without a solid, powerful and responsible press”. Sánchez has also warned of the risks to democratic stability that manipulation, disinformation and lies represent: “There has always been fake news,but in our days its diffusion and influence can be devastating”.

For this reason, the President of the Government has referred to the fact that he wants to “recognize the commitment that the Association of Publishers of Periodical Publications is making for the exercise of free journalism, in freedom, from the plurality of views and opinions and always at the service of the common good against the poison of self-serving lies”.

The president has also called for the ethical behavior of journalism by stating that “the press plays a fundamental role in the essential task of both controlling power and empowering the citizenry as a whole. The media are a space for knowledge and debate to form a rational certainty framework. it is finished.

The XV Congress of Publishers is sponsored by Google and is organized by Grupo Nexo. Among the speakers at this edition are editors, journalists, academics and experts in information and communication technologies (ICT).

Among the international speakers are Madhav Chinnappa, global director of development of Google News Ecosystem; Rosental Alves, Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas; Eduardo Arriagada, from the Faculty of Communications of the Catholic University of Chile; Ignacio Zaccagnino, general digital editor of the Perfil group, from Argentina.


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