The difficulty of competing for high-level talent is one of the challenges for companies.

The difficulty of competing for high-level talent is one of the challenges for companies.

The difficulty of competing for high-level talent is one of the challenges for companies.

Executives Wanted

The European Commission points out that while pre-pandemic activity will recover in the eurozone this year, Spain will not do so until 2023. Growth is lower than expected, although with a tendency towards gradual recovery, which coincides with the rosy moment that the Spanish labor marketwith an unemployment rate on a downward trend, which now stands at 14.5% -according to the latest EPA-, and with more than 20 million employed, a figure that has not been exceeded since 2008.

A situation with which we can predict in the labor market a decrease in the hiring of middle positions and an increase in the recruitment of personnel with a high level of qualification.

One of the labor trends that is already being experienced is the rebound in the hiring of directors and senior executives. Our country is one of the most demanded destinations and strongly attracts international talent. An increase in the demand for highly qualified managerial profiles in different areas has been observed.

Making a more defined analysis, the sectors that most demand these positions Top Management & Executive are Banking, Insurance, Energy, Pharmaceutical and Real Estate.

On the other hand, there has been a growth in the demand for profiles with solid experience in supply, purchasing, logistics and international transport, given the current escalating prices and shortage of provisions for the different industries.

The banking sector is in demand for generalist M&A positions and with specialization in energy. There is a lot of liquidity in the market and many companies are expected to be bought and sold.

Given the current scenario, the insurance companies They must be very precise in determining their risk management strategy and the prices of their products, which is why actuarial positions are essential. In addition, they look for specialized Business Development profiles in different channels because competition and the development of omnichannel sales processes make them increasingly necessary.

Senior executives are sought in the energy sector in the areas of asset management, operation and maintenance and in the promotion of wind farms. Without forgetting renewable energies, and specifically the photovoltaic solar industry. It is a booming sector that demands highly specialized positions in the legal, financial and Human Resources (HR) fields to guide large multinationals in the regulatory changes they are going through.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of the pharmaceutical sector, and there has been an increase in demand for technical management profiles capable of leading cultural transformation due to the immense progress that COVID-19 has caused in the sector. The Pharma industry has been forced to move forward and take reference from other sectors such as technology.

In the real estate assets such as student residences, nursing homes, geriatric residences or the build to rentwhich is why we are looking for executives with experience in investing in alternative assets and co-living. The forecast in estate is that demand continues to grow in the areas of land and alternative market development, as these have proven to be particularly resilient to market instability.

The transformation we are going through has resulted in a new reality that has brought with it new concerns for everyone. For months now, companies have faced a series of challenges as the pandemic recedes. And one of them is the difficulty of finding and competing for this talent, the highest level.

*** Rémi Diennet is director of Badenoch+Clark Spain (Adecco Group).


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