The American prevails in the orders received while the European manages to deliver more aircraft to its customers.

The American prevails in the orders received while the European manages to deliver more aircraft to its customers.

The American prevails in the orders received while the European manages to deliver more aircraft to its customers.

Evolution of Airbus and Boeing orders.

2021 brought together many ingredients to become a turning point for the aviation industry. Although the level of uncertainty is still high for commercial aviation, Airbus and Boeing order and delivery data indicate that aircraft manufacturers they have been able to double the Cape of Storms of the coronavirus after two very difficult years.

Between both companies they accumulated 1,042 net orders and 951 deliveries. Although the figures are still far from the records accumulated by both companies in the past decade, they represent an important step forward compared to 2020. Last year they only reached 86 net orders and 723 aircraft placed in the hands of their customers.

If you compare the 2021 figures with those of 2018, Boeing’s 2019 data was distorted by the 737 MAX crisis, the records make it clear that this industry still has a way to go. Regarding net orders, last year 64% of the 1,628 aircraft demanded in 2018 were reached. Similarly, during that year the two aeronautical giants delivered 1,606 aircraft, which means that the result of 2021 supposes a 59% of the historical maximum.

Boeing lands more orders

The performance of both companies during the past year indicates differences in their operational and commercial behavior. Boeing managed to prevail when it comes to sating the appetite of the market. The American got 535 net applications compared to the 507 obtained by the European.

Boeing reached 909 gross orders, to which 479 cancellations and contract modifications had to be subtracted. Airbus for its part stayed at 771 commercial commitments and 264 cancellations.

It is here that both companies find the most negative point of 2021. 743 cancellations represent a historical maximum even exceeding the 739 of 2020. A figure that makes evident the battered economic and operational situation that the airlines went through during the past year.

Among the most requested models there are no surprises. Boeing’s 737 MAX got 749 gross requests. A record of great value since, in this way, it definitively leaves behind the crisis that caused the two fatal accidents that this model suffered due to a failure in its software. For its part, the Airbus A320 family accumulated 661 firm commitments.

Airbus reigns in deliveries

When it comes to deliveries, the European group managed to clearly impose itself last year. Airbus put 611 aircraft in the hands of its customers. Boeing still has its Achilles heel at this point. The American company stayed in the 340 aircraft delivered.

The Airbus figure represents an increase of 8% compared to 2020. In addition, the European recovers three quarters compared to the goal of 863 units for the 2019 financial year. Historical maximum of the company that it intends to approach during the 2023 financial year if its productive capacities continue to improve at the current rate.

Boeing, for its part, managed to double the deliveries of 2020 going from 157 to 340. A significant increase but that still leaves it 60% below 806 units, a level at which the company has not yet predicted when it will be ready to arrive again.

Stock market comeback

In terms of performance on the stock market, Airbus also managed to beat Boeing. The exercise of the European convinced the investors which allowed him to the value of its share will advance 24% throughout 2021 until closing the year at 112 euros per share. In this way, the group was left with a market capitalization of over 90,000 million euros.

Boeing’s exercise in terms of flooring was not very positive. The shares of the American fell 6% over the past year. A performance with which the company’s titles were at 201 dollars per share. Despite this, the value of Boeing was above 130,000 million dollars.

So things, Airbus and Boeing they left behind a 2021 with more lights than shadows for both. A year in which many of the indicators invite us to look optimistically at the future of the aeronautical industry.

Despite this, the level of uncertainty remains very high in this industry. Whether 2022 is confirmed as a definitive step forward or whether, on the contrary, this business still has to wait to be able to conclude what, without a doubt, has been the most intense crisis in the history of the business of manufacturing and selling aircraft.


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