Spending on both application stores rose by 13.6% in Spain last year, to 530 million, a figure lower than the European average of 22.8%.

Spending on both application stores rose by 13.6% in Spain last year, to 530 million, a figure lower than the European average of 22.8%.

Spending on both application stores rose by 13.6% in Spain last year, to 530 million, a figure lower than the European average of 22.8%.

Downloaded applications on the screen of a smartphones

The Spanish downloaded fewer applications in the official Google and Apple stores in 2021 compared to the previous year, but, on the contrary, spent more money to make purchases in both apps stores. And they did it above all in three very popular and very different applications at the same time: Tinder, Disney+ and Coin Master.

This is reflected by data on the Spanish market collected by the international analysis platform Sensor Towerto which EL ESPAÑOL – Invertia has had access and which include purchases made within the application, subscriptions and premium applications.

Specific, Spanish spending on app stores increased by 13.6% in 2021, to around 606.1 million dollars (about 530 million euros). Some figures that place Spain as the ninth country in Europe by amount allocated to purchases in the two main apps store From the market.

In fact, the growth registered in our country is lower than the European averagesince joint spending on Google Play and the App Store increased by 22.8% last year in the Old Continent, to 18,300 million dollars (16,040 million euros).

Compared to other European countries, the increase has also been lower in Spain. A) Yes, in the United Kingdom, which leads the ranking with 3,500 million dollars (3,067 million euros), rose by 23.2%while in the next two countries in the ranking, Germany and France, the increase was 22% and 14.7%, respectively.

Tinder, leader in Spain and Europe

If you look at the apps where spending was higher in 2021, Spaniards opted for the dating platform Tinder, to which they allocated around 21.1 million dollars (18.5 million euros). An option shared with its neighbors from the Old Continent, who also placed Tinder in first place with 392 million dollars (343.4 million euros).

Next, the Spaniards allocated their money to purchases on the streaming video platform Disney +, with 18.4 million dollars (16.1 million euros), and in the games application Coin Master, with 17.3 million dollars (15.1 million euros).

The rest of the top ten positions are occupied by other streaming video platforms, such as Dazin (4) and Netflix (6); online games like Brawl Stars (5), Candy Crush Saga (7), Clash Royale (8) and Garena Free Fire (9); and storage service Google One (10).

In the European ranking streaming platforms also appear Disney+ (2), Netflix (6) and Dazn (7), as well as Google One (5), but there is a smaller presence of video games. On the contrary, such popular applications as TikTok (3), YouTube (4), Twitch (8) or Badoo (9) sneak into the top ten positions.

drop in downloads

Contrary to what has happened with spending, the number of unique downloads made by Spaniards has decreased by 12.5% ​​in 2021 compared to 2020. Specifically, they have been around 1,400 million, which places the country in seventh place in the European ranking.

According to data from Sensor Tower, The most downloaded applications in Spain last year were those of Telegramwith 5.6 million; WhatsApp, with 5 million; Y McDonald’s, with 4.9 million. TikTok, Shein, Instagram, AliExpress, [email protected] PIN, Amazon Prime Video and Facebook were next.

At a European level, there were last year 27.4 billion downloads, representing a year-on-year decrease of 3.9%. As for the most popular applications in the Old Continent, these were TikTok (with 102 million downloads), WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook.

By stores, Spaniards spent 304.2 million dollars (266.2 million euros) in the Apple App Store, 10.7% more, while purchases on Google Play increased by 16.7%, up to 301.8 million dollars (264.4 million euros).

The games, leaders in spending and downloads

Regarding the different categories of applications, games were by far the most popular both in spending, with 332.5 million dollars (291.3 million euros), almost 55% of the total made in Spain; as in downloads, with 542.2 million, around 39% of the total.

Next in spending were entertainment, lifestyle, photo and video, and productivity apps. In terms of the number of downloads, the rest of the top five positions are occupied by apps for utilities, entertainment, photography and video, and shopping.

With these data, Sensor Tower confirms that some of the key trends that began with the Covid-19 pandemic have continued into 2021as consumer spending has continued to rise despite being compared to “a ginormous 2020”, while downloads have generally slowed.

It also details that the purchases in categories such as Entertainment and Social Networks have increased significantly in the last year, 54.2% and 34.4%, respectively, indicating that consumers “continue to use their phones for fun, to connect with other people and for their daily needs”.


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