Social networks become the battlefield of the purple formation against popular voices that dissent from their media discourse.

Social networks become the battlefield of the purple formation against popular voices that dissent from their media discourse.

Social networks become the battlefield of the purple formation against popular voices that dissent from their media discourse.

Vicente Valles, Ana Rosa Quintana and Carlos Herrera.

Concern in Podemos. The purple party considers that it is losing everything in the war of public opinion and that their messages are not penetrating as much as they would like in the bulk of the populationespecially in ordinary citizens. A battle with opinion leaders against and with large pockets of potential voters who follow the traditional radio and television figures, critical of their speech.

Since his birth in January 2014, Podemos has consolidated its strength and militancy in social networks. They were the first to bet on Twitter Facebook and subsequently Telegramto control their messages, agitate their voters and, above all, whip up and put pressure on dissenting voices.

However, -according to their own analysis- if they want to be a party with a government vocation, they must fight in the traditional media and in those with the largest audience. Their militancy cannot grow more in networks, so his fight is now to make the leap to television and radio. And this is where they are encountering communicators, journalists and presenters who are not being receptive to their messages.

Discounting the proximity to the news of The sixth and its parsers like The Sixth Night or Al Rojo Vivo, its link with other spaces is zero. In this sense, in the purple party they have identified three particularly uncomfortable figures who -they believe- can make them lose a lot of popular support.

We refer to Vicente Vallesnews presenter for Antena 3; Charles Herrera, one of the leaders of the radio morning; Y Anna Quintanaundisputed leader of television mornings with The AR program. Three communicators who add more than six million followers daily and who do not keep quiet about their opinion regarding the purple party. Three professionals against whom Podemos has declared war.

The designated

A battle that paradoxically takes place in the field of social networks. To each comment of these communicators against Canis followed by a wave of criticism led by some former leader or person in charge of the purple formation and a series of militants and bot that support the virtual ‘escrache’. A fully coordinated strategy of harassment and takedown with the sole objective of wearing them down to silence their critical voices.

well you know Vicente Valles. On July 5, Pablo Echenique charged the journalist for criticizing Pablo Iglesias in the Dinah case. “In reality, what happens to Vicente Vallés is simple and it is the same thing that happens to the entire right and extreme right: It gives him a rash that the sewers did not achieve their objective and United We Can is in government. It is in his right, but do not call it “informative”, said the leader of the purple formation.

Similarly, last September 10 was Juan Carlos Monedero who charged against the journalist COPE, Carlos Herrera. In his online show, one of the founding members of Podemos described blacksmith like “a journalist of the Doberman breed, one of those who can eat a Jew if he approaches the fence in the concentration camp and at home wags his tail next to the head of the camp.”

In the same way, he described the journalist’s listeners as “madmen who can’t stand the freedom of others, machirulos, farmhouses, violent, fundamentalists, racists, the occasional pederast with or without collars, whorehouses, drunks at the wheel, gentlemen, Falangists, palqueros of football, liars, exploited…”. Monedero received the corresponding virtual support from Echenique with another Tweet.

And Ana Rosa Quintana? The queen of the mornings is also not free from the criticism of Podemos. In May, Pablo Fernández, General Secretary of Podemos Castilla y León, harshly attacked The AR program:”where there will never be a de-escalation of hoaxes, lies and bile is in The Ana Rosa program, ”he said.

‘modus operandi’

Days before, it was his own Paul Echenique who also attacked Anna Rosa Quintana, Throwing a hoax about Pablo Iglesias in the face of the presenter: “Since you read me, in the end did you deny that far-right hoax about the mobile UVI at the vice president’s house?”

In the three cases and in dozens of similar episodes – all of which occurred in Twitter– the modus operandi is the same. First, some leader of Can criticize with a Tweet to the journalist in question, for which he uses some phrase or even a video summary with the ‘inconsistencies’ of the aforementioned. Then tens of thousands of bot and followers of the purple party support the Echenique on duty, comment on his words and spread the message.

A public signal that seeks to silence the affected and that in the case of the three mentioned, has been going on persistently for the last six months, since Podemos came to the Government at the hands of Pedro Sánchez.

But why Valles, Herrera and Quintana? The explanation is simple and has to do with the audiences of those affected. We can fear the loudspeaker that these three professionals have and their great pull, which generates negative feelings towards the party. A feeling that eventually takes its toll on them in the polls and in the elections that may come in the medium term.

In the case of Vincent Valles, in July -the last month before the holidays- its news program reached 1,674,000 viewers on average daily, 16% of Compartir. So far in 2020, its news has an average of 2.3 million -not counting the summer- a 14.2% share of the screen, its highest figure in the last 10 years.

millionaire audiences

For his part, the Andalusian communicator recorded 2,443,000 listeners in the last wave of the EGM known in April, which represented a growth of 9.6% and its second highest figure in this station.

Herrera gained a whopping 214,000 listeners and is now only separated by less than 400,000 from Day by day of Cadena Ser, the historic leader in this time slot. When the communicator was released in 2015, the distance was over a million followers. Leadership is one step away. A step he hopes to take in the next five years at Cope.

In the case of Anna Quintana, The AR program, is the leader in morning television with an average of 735,000 viewers and an 18.7% share in its last year. A leadership that has lasted more than a decade.

All the sources consulted insist on pointing out that Podemos’s strategy is very difficult to achieve its objective and that it will be impossible to silence these communicators, but at the same time they recognize the difficulties they cause against their targets.

A situation widely criticized from all sectors, where it is requested that journalists not be singled out for doing their job and for expressing their opinion freely. The fight is open, but it seems that in Podemos they do not want to give up.


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