Secure messaging Signal blocked in China

Secure Messaging Signal Blocked In China

On-site users no longer have the ability to send or receive messages through the app.

The secure messaging app, one of the few foreign platforms not to be blocked so far in, appears to be inaccessible since Monday March 15. Users can no longer use the website or the application to send and receive messages. However, it can be downloaded from the Chinese App Store, the application store of the American giant.

Tight control of the Chinese Internet

Signal thus joins a long list of foreign services blocked in China. Last month, Beijing banned an American application by invitation. The country tightly controls the Internet thanks to a vast surveillance system that allows it to redact any content deemed sensitive, such as political criticism or pornography. And in the name of stability, the country requires the digital giants to have their own censors to carry out this task upstream. Failure to comply with these regulations, the vast majority of foreign search engines and social networks (,, …) are blocked in China and can only be used with bypass software, called a (virtual private network) .

The new messaging in vogue

To date, Signal has been installed nearly 510,000 times in China on Apple phones or tablets, according to research firm Sensor Tower. Globally, the application has passed the milestone of 100 million cumulative downloads on the and, the competing platform. Launched in 2014, Signal is considered by specialists as one of the most secure messaging applications on the market thanks in particular to its ability to encrypt “ end to end »Audio and video messages or calls. It gained notoriety in January when its competitor warned that it would share more data with its parent company Facebook, angering many users. Faced with the controversy, WhatsApp had announced.

The iconic Tesla boss, himself, had. The application had then pranced at the top of downloads in several countries, including India, France and Germany.