Renewables: present and only future

The least that can be asked of the leaders of political parties with government aspirations is that they be reasonably visionary, that is, that they be clear about where things are going, based on what elements the future is built, what concepts are absolute truths and indisputable, and which reactions come simply from fear of change.

To say that “the sun does not shine at night” is so obvious that it is frightening. Also make the absurd mistake of politicize something as important as energy policy and pretending that “solar energy is a thing of the left” is to have completely and radically wrong criteria. That, decidedly, is not the direction in which to row. In fact, it is paddling towards a waterfall.

If there is something that cannot be discussed in any way today, unless one is completely irresponsible or totally out of date, it is that renewables are the future. In fact, for some time now, they are also the present, and without any doubt, the cheapest way of producing energy. And given the economies of scale of the technology, they are going to be more and more so. Any bet in the field of energy generation that is not for renewables is a wrong bet.

Pretending that “solar energy is a thing of the left” is to have completely and radically wrong criteria

Dismissing renewables because “the sun doesn’t shine at night” or “there are times when there is no wind” is absurd. With these kinds of assertions, we would dedicate ourselves to the most recalcitrant continuity, we would turn on the coal plants again, or even build more, as such ‘visionary’ rulers as the Poles do.

Solar energy is discontinuous. Oh what a surprise. And that? The amount of energy that the sun sends to our planet is enough to supply all of our needs several times over… but since it does not shine at night, we discard it.

The reality is that electrical energy can be converted into many things, and many of them can be stored without much trouble. when someone pretends deny the importance of energy storage technologies On a country scale, we can only get scared and think about the murky interests that lead to doing something like this.

The future is the huge surplus of solar energy generated when solar plants are oversized as it should be, can be stored not only in batteries, a technology still in full development and from which greater and better yields are expected, but also by pumping water to high places, piling up concrete blocks, heating molten salt reactors, or generating green hydrogen.

The hydrogen gets a bad press because, until now, the vast majority of what was produced was a by-product – dirty – of the oil industry. But hydrogen can be produced using surplus renewable energies, it can be easily stored, and to think that a country like Spain, with its abundance of sun and coastline, cannot dedicate itself to synthesizing hydrogen to convert it into electricity later when the sun is not shining or the wind does not blow is to deny one of the main competitive advantages that our country has.

In our situation, we should be building solar power plants as if there were no tomorrow until we vastly oversize our needs, planting offshore wind farms along our entire coastline, and putting solar panels with their corresponding domestic batteries on every roof. If you agree, fine. If not, study the subject again or get better advice, because there is no other. It’s that simple: No. There is. Other. Renewables are our only viable and reasonable option.

We should be building solar power plants as if there were no tomorrow until we greatly oversize our needs

Do we want nuclear? It can be discussed. But in addition to being frighteningly expensive to build and the fact that no one, absolutely no one wants them near their home, we are talking about installations that, in a world with an increasingly destabilized and unpredictable climate, generate risks that are very difficult to accept. Dismantle the ones that exist, that have been working for years? Possibly not. But build new ones? Why, if there are abundant studies that show that the oversizing of resources that we have in abundance can cover all our needs by far?

Deny that the future belongs to renewable energies and pretending that “solar energy is a thing of the left” is absolutely irresponsible, worthy of that idiot who almost had to be taken out of the White House in handcuffs after trying to stage a coup.

Follow the trump road It won’t get us anywhere good. When he said that “my wife wants to turn on the television, but it is night and there is neither sun nor wind”, he was only making a populist joke, and also revealed total ignorance about the future of energy generation.

Come what may, the wave of fossil fuels, the one that has caused the climate emergency (which some still deny, or attribute to conspiracies on the left), is over. The next wave is that of green, sustainable and renewable technologies. And politicians who do not believe so, do nothing but get in the way.

The best country strategy that Spain can have is Bet on oversizing those resources that you have in abundance, and by the multiple technologies that allow its continuous use. Renewables are the present and, above all, the future, the only viable future we have. As much as the sun does not shine at night.


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