Orange Cyberdéfense: teams mobilized to fight against threats

Orange Cyberdéfense: Teams Mobilized To Fight Against Threats

REPORT – 50 billion events are analyzed every day to detect any security incident in the customer information system.

The choice of wall color is a reminder: here, we are among the “Blues”. In the world of cybersecurity, that means being on the side of the defenders, those who protect businesses and local communities from attack. Orange Cyberdéfense’s Paris headquarters, located in the Defense district, houses some of its 1,000 experts in France (out of 2,300 worldwide) and threat protection and detection activities. Thus, experts from the Ile-de-France CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) continuously monitor the networks, via an international presence (Paris, Singapore, Montreal).

To quickly detect any security incident in a customer’s information system, experts have tools, based on artificial intelligence, to analyze and correlate data in real time. They can thus give the alert in the event of anomalies, in relation to a pre-established behavior model. “We analyze 500,000 events by…