Mediaset seeks solutions for a space that is considered amortized after more than fifteen years on the air.

Mediaset seeks solutions for a space that is considered amortized after more than fifteen years on the air.

Mediaset seeks solutions for a space that is considered amortized after more than fifteen years on the air.

Manu Carreño, presenter of Deportes Cuatro.

Manu Carreno has historically been one of the most beloved presenters by Paul Vasile. Every time the CEO of Mediaset is asked in private about the continuity of the sports journalist, he does not hesitate to point out that he is a fundamental part of his team and that he fully trusts his abilities.

However, the audiences are the audiences and Four sports, the program that the communicator directs and presents is going through one of its lowest moments, which makes Vasile and his team doubt its continuity. The latest data speak of a 4% share of the screen, far from the 10% recorded by the Manu Carreno with Manolo Lama a decade ago.

In September 2016, the television couple that a few months before had celebrated their tenth anniversary in style, scored 1,065,000 viewers and in October 2020 it has an average below 400,000 followers.

The program has been one year below the figures of Joseph Pedrerol in gamerswhat he has done to Mediaset rethink the format. If you compare the audiences of gamers in these last four years they have always remained between 600,000 and 700,000 listeners, so the 500,000 who have lost in Four they have definitively abandoned the sports table.

With this data, all options are open, from changing its broadcast time to lowering the curtain on the program after fifteen years on the air. A situation that shows that Manu Carreño has fallen from the Olympus of the elect of Paolo Vasili, according to those who are closely living this process.

The supersport factor

Vasile’s chosen ones are a select group of presenters in whom the CEO of the company has the utmost confidence and among whom are also stars such as Jorge Javier Vázquez, Jesús Vázquez or Emma García.

The point is that Paul Vasile has not ceased to have sympathy for Manu Carrenobut knows that the group cannot afford to continue losing ground in this area, with Four missing the train by leaps and bounds with The sixth. So far this month, the Mediaset chain only reaches 5%, while the Atresmedia station is close to 7%.

In fact, the information that reaches this newspaper indicates that the participation of Carreno in Supersportbut that doesn’t look bad to put an end to four sports and that the presenter stops combining his participation on television with Ser chain.

The presenter has 10% of the capital of the company that produces all the sports programs of Mediaset and in the environment of vasile It is not ruled out that for a time it will only have a presence in the chain’s offices. Let us remember that every year Carreño points out in private that he is tired of combining his two appearances in the media and this would be a good opportunity to focus only on the radio.

While the future of four sports decides, the chain has begun to explore other avenues. This month has been launched Four’s unchecka program born from the sports information portal acquired a few months ago by Mediaset. In principle, the format will be released at dawn to compete with The beach bar and nobody rules out that if the experiment works, it can be transferred to the midday slot.

End of ‘The Manolos’

The story of four sports is that of a death foretold since in September 2016, Paolo Vasile decided to put an end to The Manolos. The television couple they formed Manu Carreno and Manolo Lama which at that time was celebrating a decade on the air as one of Cuatro’s oldest problems, on screen almost since the birth of the television station.

Subsequently, other formulas were sought, but always with Carreno as the main axis of the format that five years later continues to be broadcast on the desktop of Four. First was Nico Abad and then Juanma Castano, but all have left for better or worse.

The last to accompany Manu Carreño has been Kiko Narváez, former soccer player Atletico Madrid and occasional commentator. But, the truth is that the stage without Manolo Lama It has been very bad in terms of audience. A slow agony that with the passing of the months and years lowers a new level of audiences. Everything is open.


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