Manticore raises $ 100 million for gamers to create their own video games

Manticore Raises $ 100 Million For Gamers To Create Their

The American company, supported by the creators of Fortnite, will launch its Core platform on April 15 on the Epic Game Store.

Create in a few minutes a level of video game worthy of release on consoles. It may seem impossible. Yet this is the challenge tackled by the American company Manticore, with its Core platform. The latter will be released in early access on April 15 on PC, exclusively on the Epic Game Store. Core offers an easy-to-learn toolkit for building a fun experience without having to write a line of code. Users of the platform can sail from game to game for free, just as they watch videos made by amateurs on YouTube.

«Single-player game, multiplayer game, role-playing game, action game, management game, 2D or 3D game, first-person game, anything is possible», Explains the founder of Manticore, the French Frédéric Descamps. “We lower the barrier to entry. Core allows everyone to express their creativity.To support its development, Manticore has just completed its third fundraising round, amounting to $ 100 million. Among the participants in the round table, Softbank, the investment fund XN and Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite.

Half of the income shared with the creators

Core is reminiscent of Roblox, the video game creation platform popular with American schoolchildren, and valued at $ 35 billion on the stock market. “Unlike Roblox, we don’t target children. And we offer very high quality graphics», Emphasizes Frédéric Descamps. But both services make money for successful creators. “There are a number of ways you can monetize your game. You can make it paid, free with paid options, or set up a monthly subscription. It will be possible to modify your choice in one click to see which model is the most efficient», Continues the co-founder. Income sharing is set at 50%, a much more generous rate than Roblox which only offers 24.5%.

The character creation tool Manticore

As on YouTube or Twitch, these systems only allow a handful of people to make a living from their creations: only 300 Roblox users earned more than $ 100,000 in 2020. But they can represent a significant additional income for those who are ‘invests in the platform and succeeds in aggregating a community of fans.

It is no coincidence that Manticore approaches influencers to encourage them to use Core. “They have an audience to entertain. Our goal is for Core to be one of the channels they use to reach their fans, in addition to YouTube, Twitch, TikTok or Instagram.», Specifies Frédéric Descamps. In France, streamer MisterMV (644,000 fans on Twitch) has already created a game on a preliminary version of Core, reserved for a million testers. Manticore intends to set up paid partnerships with influencers to make their service known to as many people as possible. “But Core is not just sponsorship. It can be a natural continuation of their work, with games around their worlds, and another way to make money.He continues.

A game created on Core Manticore

Events and partnerships with brands

Manticore maintains close ties with Epic Games. “They’ve invested in the company twice, Core is based on their Unreal Engine, and Core Early Access will be exclusive to the Epic Game Store.», The online PC game store from the creators of Fortnite, details Frédéric Descamps. This interest is explained by a goal shared between the two companies: to create “metaverse”, Or virtual universes similar to video games, but where you can have fun and chat with other users. “We will develop virtual events in Core», Says the co-founder. But the latter does not intend to organize virtual concerts of big stars or film screenings as in Fortnite. «Our idea is to allow the community to create their own online events.»

Another idea explored by Manticore is to partner with brands. “We did it one last year with the Dungeons and Dragons license», That the creators were able to use to imagine games around this universe. Frédéric Descamps specifies that he is “in talks with other brands and licenses“. The practice is already common in Fortnite. The Avengers, Aliens, John Wick, Tomb Raider or Street Fighter licenses have already appeared in the online game phenomenon.

While waiting for this business strategy to take shape, Manticore will use the $ 100 million raised to fund the mobile and console versions of Core, grow the workforce, and gain exposure outside the United States. “To motivate the creators, we will also organize contests with 150,000 dollars to share.», Adds Frédéric Descamps.