Losses are erased on the New York Stock Exchange pending the sanctions with which the US will respond to the Russian military attack.

Losses are erased on the New York Stock Exchange pending the sanctions with which the US will respond to the Russian military attack.

Losses are erased on the New York Stock Exchange pending the sanctions with which the US will respond to the Russian military attack.

US President Joe Biden.

Russian missiles launched against Ukraine eluded Wall Street at close. The New York Stock Exchange, which started the session with losses, avoided its fifth consecutive session in the red for its three main indices thanks to the upward revision of the US GDP for the fourth quarter and the containment of unemployment in recent days.

The military offensive launched by the Kremlin This European morning had a marked impact on the US futures market that faded as the session progressed. The US president, Joe Biden, announced the preparation of more sanctions than those initially established, directed fundamentally towards his financial sector. Although one was ruled out US military interventionseveral options remained on the table.

Given this scenario, the main New York indices reached green from the opening red, which, however, was less intense than its European neighbors. The dow jones it rose 0.28% to 33,223.8 points. 1.5% added the S&P 500, which reached 4,288.7 points. Lighter on the first hour recoil, the nasdaq It finished 3.34% up at 13,473.6 points.

This is how Wall Street opens
Eduardo Bolinches

This behavior against the current of Europe found its explanation in the data of the second estimation of the US GDP for the fourth quarter of the year. According to consensus forecasts, the world’s largest economy expanded by 7% at the end of 2021.

Investors received this data as a complete relief from the uncertain outlook coming from Eastern Europe. And it is that the Chicago Fed Activity Index he also improved his reading to 0.69 points.

Consumption and unemployment

In addition, analysts celebrated that this improvement came thanks to the contribution of items such as personal consumption spending, which increased by 5% year-on-year. In this case, even above what the most optimistic forecasts projected.

As if that were not enough, also the weekly count of applications for unemployment benefits It was above consensus forecasts. Only 232,000 Americans required these aids in the last seven days compared to 249,000 in the previous reading.

Hotels and vaccines

In the corporate arena, as was the case in Europe, one of the most affected sectors was the tourist. In this sense, the conflict in Ukraine presented itself as a new obstacle to the recovery of normality in its activity, which was still far from what was usual before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Among the most penalized until the halfway point of the session, Marriott International Y Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, which however managed to close with increases of 0.46% and 1.17%. The one that since the opening managed to better cushion the blow, thanks to its lower business in the region affected by the conflict, was airbnbwhich after pointing to declines of 6% in the futures market ended up 5.48% higher.

Towards the nice part of the revaluation table from the very first hour, modern advances of 15.1% were noted after having published annual accounts. The solvency of its figures, with profits of 10,915 million dollars thanks to the contribution of its vaccine against Covid-19, became a claim and refuge for many investment portfolios.

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