LinkedIn, Slack or Spotify: these platforms that try to copy Clubhouse

Linkedin, Slack Or Spotify: These Platforms That Try To Copy

The platforms clone one by one the functionalities of the Clubhouse application, namely audio rooms where several users meet to discuss.

,,, and now all platforms are gradually turning to the “live audio“. This term refers to live audio exchanges, thus enabling interactions with the audience that do not exist with prerecorded podcasts.

The sudden interest in this feature stems from the success of the app, which launched just a year ago in California. Thanks to its invitation-only registration system, enough to whet the appetite of its competitors.

The voice, essential for the world of work

On Clubhouse, the first users were mainly start-ups, investors and even digital marketing professionals. From this perspective, it’s hardly surprising to see professional social network LinkedIn testing social audio on its app. The stated goal is to allow creators to connect more with their community.

In a few months, “audio loungesWill be proposed, and several users will be able to meet in the same place to exchange and discuss freely. “We do some first tests to create a unique audio experience linked to your professional identity. And, we’re looking at how we can bring audio to other parts of LinkedIn, such as Events and Groups, to give our members even more ways to connect with their community. “Suzi Owens, spokesperson for LinkedIn, told the media. TechCrunch.

The presentation of this new feature is very similar to that of Clubhouse, but LinkedIn additionally mentions the functions of each person under their profile picture.

Organizers and speakers will be displayed at the top of the discussion, above other participants. LinkedIn

For its part, Slack, the messaging service for the working world, is also turning to an audio exchange system. Its CEO Stewart Butterfield even announced it directly on Clubhouse, even as the app’s co-founder listened to the discussion. “I’ve always believed in the adage ‘the good artist copies, the great artist steals’, so we’re building Clubhouse in Slack, basically”, assène Stewart Butterfield.

Similar initiatives which are multiplying

Social networks have also scented the audio vein and have already announced new features. Last January, Twitter acquired the start-up Breaker, a podcast specialist. Thanks to this takeover, the social network has announced that it wants to launch the live audio chat, called “Spaces». «Sometimes 280 characters are not enough [la limite d’un tweet, NDLR] and the voice gives people another way to participate in the conversation», Spaces explained, via his Twitter account. This service will be available in April on devices and.

, which wishes to enrich its video rooms, called Messenger Rooms. Members have the option to create private video chats in which other users can participate. The network wants to add an option “Live audio», To exchange only with the voice. The discussion platform has also just set up live audio conversations in a virtual audience room. Baptized “Stage Channels”, This feature is now available on all systems where Discord can be downloaded. Recently, it was the music platform Spotify which announced. The latter notably created, in October 2020, the Locker Room application, which organizes live audio exchanges on sport.