It leads ‘El Confidencial’ and ‘El País’ by more than 2.3 million visitors and completes the podium a very short distance from ‘La Vanguardia’ and ‘ABC’, according to ComsCore.

It leads ‘El Confidencial’ and ‘El País’ by more than 2.3 million visitors and completes the podium a very short distance from ‘La Vanguardia’ and ‘ABC’, according to ComsCore.

It leads ‘El Confidencial’ and ‘El País’ by more than 2.3 million visitors and completes the podium a very short distance from ‘La Vanguardia’ and ‘ABC’, according to ComsCore.

El Español is already the third most read newspaper in Spain after surpassing El Mundo in less than five years of life

Sorpasso In the press. EL ESPAÑOL is already the third most read newspaper in Spain reaching a new milestone in the history of this newspaper and the media in our country. Never before had a digital native reached the podium of the sector, Nor had he been so close to being an absolute leader. And less in such a short period of time marking a trajectory never seen for a European newspaper.

With 21.7 million visitors and less than five years old – it premiered in October 2015 – EL ESPAÑOL already surpassed in July The country and now it gets above The worldheaders with 44 and 30 years of history and that have been alternating the leadership of the Spanish press for decades.

As published by the specialized portal Dircomfidencial, we are facing “a new media status quo in which, for the first time, native and traditional actors compete as equals for the leadership of the sector”.

The portal also indicates that “in the case of EL ESPAÑOL, it means consolidating the milestone reached in July, when it was the first time that a digital native surpassed a legacy mediaremaining this time also above The world”.

East ‘blow’ to the traditional press occurs in a context of reconversion of the press business, in which most of the media have chosen to impose their paywalls. It is the case of The countrywhich launched its new business model last March.

The world, for its part, launched its payment program last fall, while The confidential launched its platform during the pandemic. A system that in the case of SPANISH is implemented from birth and is part of their DNA.

The data published by ComScorethe reference digital meter for the advertising market, indicate that this newspaper registered 21.7 million unique visitors in August, its third best figure only below the two months of confinement, March and April, when the highest press consumption in history occurred.

This figure also means that ELESPANOL.COM is already only one million unique visitors away from second place held by ABC.ES -22.7 million- and 2.1 million from the first place held by LAVANGUARDIA.COM with 23.8 million. In other words, the visitors of this newspaper already represent 96% of those who have the centennial newspaper of vocento and 91% of those registered by the head of the Godó Group.

Behind ELESPANOL.COM is ELMUNDO.ES (21.2 million visitors) at a distance of 444,000 unique visitors. It so happens that both the director and founder of this newspaper and an important part of the team come from The world after the crisis caused by the dismissal of Pedro J. Ramírez in 2014.

In February of that year, Editorial Unit forced the departure of the founder and director of its flagship for 25 years, after strong pressure from the Government of Mariano Rajoy for the publication of a series of information that revealed the direct relationship of the then president of the Executive with the treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas, charged with alleged illegal financing of this party.

Information that six years later has now been revealed to be true with the lifting of the Kitchen summary secret, where the investigation of the case points to a direct responsibility of the leadership of the PP and Rajoy himself in the use of the Police to rob Luis Bárcenas any documentation that could implicate them in box B of the party. A summary that has also confirmed that the Police organized continuous monitoring of Pedro J. while investigating the Bárcenas case.

monthly growth

ELESPANOL.COM also exceeds 20MINUTOS.ES (20.5 million) by 1.2 million visitors, ELCONFIDENCIAL.COM by 2.3 million (19.4 million) and ELPAIS.COM by 2.4 million visitors. , which drops to seventh position with 19.3 million.

The distances become more pronounced in the case of OKDIARIO.COM (14.2 million), which ELESPANOL.COM exceeds by 7.4 million visitors, and compared to ELPERIODICO.COM (10.6 million), which it exceeds by 10.1 million visitors. The distances with ELDIARIO.ES (11.6 million) already reach 10.4 million unique visitors.

Much of the success of ELESPANOL.COM in August is due to the fact that it has managed to maintain its style after confinement. This newspaper is one of the fastest growing with 10.4% more visitors compared to July this year. A figure that improves the 2.6% that ELMUNDO.ES grew, the 5.9% of ELCONFIDENCIAL.COM and the 0.8% of ELPAIS.COM.

Triple audience control

EL ESPAÑOL maintains triple control over its audience figures. The total of unique visitors, visits and page views is counted by analytics, measurement platform of the technology giant approved internationally. This registry provides all kinds of data on the origin, profile and behavior of the audience around the world.

OJD Interactive, digital subsidiary of OJD, is the one who certifies and audits this measurement. This subsidiary is in charge of controlling the figures of more than 300 digital communication media in Spain, endorsing the audiences measured by external companies.

Finally, ComScore carries out a specific measurement of traffic in Spain for this newspaper, eliminating duplicities. Most of the other competitors of this newspaper are only audited through ComScore and that makes this measurement the only public element of comparison.

***Source: ComScore. Key Measures reports with personalized lists of media. Multi-platform MMX data, July and August 2020.


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