Cybersecurity: “Orange Cyberdéfense needs to make other acquisitions”

Cybersecurity: "orange Cyberdéfense Needs To Make Other Acquisitions"

For its Managing Director, Michel Van Den Berghe, it is about being able to respond to market growth.

Orange Cyberdéfense is launched in full sail towards its objective: to exceed the billion euros turnover milestone in 2022 and establish its brand throughout Europe. To do this, this Orange subsidiary can count on the solid growth of its activities, driven by the digitization of companies and a very sharp increase in the number of cyber attacks. “In 2019, we were at three or four attacks per month. In 2021, we are at three or four per week», Summarizes Michel Van Den Berghe, CEO of Orange Cyberdéfense. Last year, the company achieved a turnover of 768 million euros, up 9% over one year, in a market complicated by the Covid-19 crisis.

To continue to post double-digit growth in France (13% in 2020), the company wants, beyond its portfolio of large accounts, to develop in the SME-VSE market and local authorities. The latter have great cybersecurity needs …