Community buildings in 46 provinces must adapt their antennas before October 14.

Community buildings in 46 provinces must adapt their antennas before October 14.

Community buildings in 46 provinces must adapt their antennas before October 14.

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The next days, October 1, 7 and 14, it is likely that you will stop watching your television channels on the usual frequencies. According to him National Technical Plan, 5,019 municipalities included in 38 geographical areas of the 75 established will cease the broadcasts of some channels on their old DTT frequencies and can only continue to be seen on the new ones.

For this reason, medium-sized and large buildings will have had to adapt their antenna installation and all citizens will have to retune their televisions with the remote control, regardless of the type of home in which they reside.

The municipalities in which the process of the Second Digital Dividend is still being executed are distributed in 46 provinces of 15 autonomous communities (Andalusia, Aragon, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Castilla La-Mancha, Catalonia, Community of Madrid, Community of Valencia, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja, Navarra, Basque Country and Region of Murcia) and the Autonomous City of Ceuta.

Therefore, property administrators or community presidents of all those medium and large-sized buildings in these municipalities and where the adaptation has not yet been carried out, should contact a registered installation company as soon as possible, being the most recommended Request multiple quotes. Individual homes do not need to make this adaptation.

In the event that the necessary adaptation is not carried out in a building or dwelling before the indicated deadlines, citizens will be able to stop watching some channels. Reception would recover once these adjustments are made. The change of frequencies is a process that does not imply the appearance or disappearance of television channels, nor the obsolescence of television sets or DTT decoders.

Regardless of the type of home, all citizens of these municipalities must retune their televisions from the date broadcasts cease in their geographical area or when they stop watching some of the television channels.

Aid for adaptation

On June 21, a line of aid was approved by Royal Decree aimed at compensating the costs derived from the reception or access to television audiovisual communication services in the buildings affected by the Second Digital Dividend. The amount of the subsidy ranges between 104.3 euros and 677.95 euros, depending on the infrastructure previously installed in the building.

Grant applications may be submitted on-line until December 31, 2020, after having previously carried out the adaptation of the DTT signal reception facilities. It will be necessary to present the supporting documentation, including the invoice and the installation bulletin.

Grants may only be requested for actions carried out by installation companies of the Registry of Telecommunications Installers of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures.


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