Banque Postale: Alice Holzman on the offensive with Ma French Bank

Banque Postale: Alice Holzman On The Offensive With Ma French

Alice Holzman organized, set up and launched La Banque Postale’s new 100% digital bank with the objective of: 1 million customers by 2025.

At 51 years old, Alice Holzman is in the starting blocks, while she is truly launching Ma French Bank in this new school year. The avid traveler, eager for discovery, mother of three, wanted to take up a new challenge by building the new 100% digital bank of La Banque Postale. When she left Essec, it was in Orange marketing that she started in 1995 before rolling briefly for Canal +. After a desire for elsewhere, she joined Banque Postale in 2015 as digital and communication director. When the French bank decides to launch into the 100% digital market, it is entrusted with the management of operations. “Rémy Weber suggested that I create this entity that we set up in a little over 2 years.” Launched on February 2, 2017, the Postal Bank subsidiary aims to differentiate itself from neo-banks, its main competitors. To do this, Ma French Bank has a credit institution authorization and can therefore offer its customers more than just …