Audiovisual groups were the preferred destination of the Executive’s institutional campaigns during 2019.

Audiovisual groups were the preferred destination of the Executive’s institutional campaigns during 2019.

Audiovisual groups were the preferred destination of the Executive’s institutional campaigns during 2019.

Pedro Sánchez, during a moment of the act last Monday with the businessmen of the Ibex 35.

The Government of Pedro Sánchez 8,214,464 euros were spent on institutional advertising campaigns broadcast on television channels. As stated in the Report 2019 of the monitoring of spending on Advertising and Institutional Communication, this was the preferred support for Moncloa since it represented 34.98% of the investment allocated to all communication media in this period.

In other words, andhe Government spent on Television one out of every three euros that were allocated in 2019 to its institutional campaigns. A trend that has been maintained historically and has been accentuated in the last decade, regardless of the political color of the Executive.

In this way, in 2018, Sánchez allocated 6.7 million to advertise on television (35.7%) of the total, but in 2017 Mariano Rajoy had already allocated a similar figure of 9.4 million (38.7%). A trend that continued in 2016 when it reached nine million (42.8%); in 2015 when it was 12.2 million (37.7%), in 2014 with 10.3 million (36.3%) and in 2013 with 5.8 million (33.6%).

The investment varies but the percentages of participation in the total remain almost unchanged favoring Television as the most used medium for the Executive’s advertising campaigns.

In terms of the number of campaigns, television is also the one that takes a larger part of the cake. With 23 campaigns, it represented 38.3% of the total in 2019, the highest figure since 2006, the year from which the Institutional Advertising Report.

Execution 2019

In the case of execution of Advertising Plan 2019, the rest of the media with the greatest weight in the investment were Internet, with 5,563,882 euros (23.69%) and Radio with 3,844,724 euros (16.37%). Paper press was left with just 1,513,715 euros and 6.45% of the cake.

During 2019, 25 of the institutional campaigns inserted advertisements on the Internet, which represented 41.67%, and 23 used written press (including Sunday and supplements) as advertising support, that is, 38.33%.

Radio was used by 15 (25%); outdoor supports were used in 13 campaigns, 21.67%, while in magazines and cinema they were 8, 13.33% respectively. Tools other than all of the above (brochures, posters, videos, acts of communication, events, stands, magnets, stickers, etc.) were used in 7 of the institutional campaigns, 11.67%, public relations 2, 3.33 % and marketing 1, 1.67%.

The General State Administration (mainly ministries) and the other entities that make up the state public sector carried out a total of 60 publicity campaigns or institutional communication initiatives in 2019, with a total cost of 25.9 million euros.

this investment spent 36.9 million euros less (-58.8%); of what had been foreseen in the beginning (62.8 million euros) and that was included in the Advertising and Institutional Communication Plan 2019. If the commercial campaigns of companies owned by the State and SEPI are added, the figure rises to 131.2 million.

By campaigns and ministries

In terms of investment made, the Ministry of Interior with 38.9% (10.1 million); followed by the ministries of Agriculture, Fishing and Foodn with 20.7% (5.4 million); Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality with 20.4% (5.3 million); Y Health, Consumption and Social Welfare with 15.2% (3.9 million).

These four ministries account for 95.2% of the total investment, while the remaining nine ministries that have carried out institutional campaigns shared 4.8% of the total executed budget.

By campaigns, the one that invested the most was the Traffic with 9.8 million euros, followed by the fight against gender violence (5.1 million with three campaigns in total), the food strategy of Spain with almost two million euros and the fight against fires in the countryside all against the firewith 1.2 million.


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