“At 21, I manage 35 people”: those under 25 who set up their business

"at 21, I Manage 35 People": Those Under 25 Who

INVESTIGATION – Instead of a classic course of study, leading to a salaried job, they have found their way into entrepreneurship and become leaders despite their young age.

« 42% of students want to start a business, including 70% during or within five years of their studies », According to the CIC – Moovjee barometer “Students and entrepreneurship”, published in early June. Dominique Restino, founding president of the Movement for young people and student entrepreneurs (Moovjee) and president of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tempers, however: “ there are those who want, those who speak, and those who do “. Young people who dare to take the plunge come from various socio-professional categories, they have in common their desire to act on the world, and see entrepreneurship as a means of serving a more just and sustainable economy. They then emancipate themselves from more traditional courses to get started.

«I wanted to work »

For Enzo Chagny, founder of home delivery company Lyveat, it was obvious for a long time: “ I wanted to work, do big things, I didn’t feel very useful sitting on a chair “. Despite…