Apple builds its first energy storage “factory”

Apple Builds Its First Energy Storage "factory"

One hundred and ten new subcontractors are joining the iPhone manufacturer’s “carbon neutrality” program.

Digital players, leading smartphone manufacturers, are regularly singled out by environmental activists. They are accused of having a catastrophic environmental impact due to their consumption of raw materials to develop their phones.

Anxious to preserve its brand image, Apple has taken the bull by the horns for several years, now aiming for carbon neutrality in 2030. Tim Cook’s group announced on Wednesday that it had taken two new key steps in its ecological transition. Apple is building one of the largest energy storage complexes in the world, in California. A sort of giant battery capable of storing green electricity. “The particularity of renewable energies is that their production is alternative. We must therefore ensure continuity of supply ”, summarizes Lisa Jackson, vice president of Apple, in charge of the environment.

This “factory” of a new kind will have a storage capacity …