Alison Rose, first woman at the helm of Royal Bank of Scotland

Alison Rose, First Woman At The Helm Of Royal Bank

At 49, the one who entered Netwest 27 years ago, re-bought eight years later by RBS, reaches the heights of the British banking group now out of business. But this should suffer with Brexit “a huge impact”.

She will now be part of the (very) small circle of leaders of the FTSE 100, the famous Footsie, equivalent across the Channel of the CAC40. Alison Rose, a 27-year loyalist of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), convinced the head of the commercial and private banking subsidiary Netwest. She was chosen to lead the British banking group in a delicate context of heightened competition and risks linked to Brexit. The one who was widely preferred to succeed Ross McEwan will take her chair on the 1is November, when the latter will head the National Australia Bank. To his credit, a deep restructuring of the bank which is emerging from a black decade and was the subject of a government bailout following the financial crisis. A total of 100 billion pounds will have been swallowed up, taking into account the nationalization and the losses suffered between 2008 and 2016.

Howard Davies, the chairman of the board of RBS, says he is “delighted” with the cast. “Alison brings her …