A scenario of continuity opens towards 18.32 euros.

A scenario of continuity opens towards 18.32 euros.

A scenario of continuity opens towards 18.32 euros.

Siemens Gamesa will supply 242 MW for an offshore wind project in Germany

Rebound session in the European stock markets in the heat of the continuation of the upward reaction in US futures and specifically in the case of shares of Siemens Gamesa They are taking the company to the top of the box as the value of the Spanish selective that rises the most in today’s session.

However, this increase may be tricky since it is highly likely that it is more related to the news that has emerged that the fifth largest shareholder of Siemens Energy, which is the company that maintains control of Siemens Gamesa with 67% of its actions, has asked you to take the total control of the Spanish listed company launching a takeover bid on the 33% that it still does not own.

This information really It has been ringing for many months while the price has only fallen and it is now that Siemens Energy could really launch a takeover bid at much more attractive prices than months ago, since the minimum price to be offered would have to be the average price of the last three months.

Evolution of Siemens Gamesa shares

Evolution of Siemens Gamesa shares
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As we can see in the graph, in the event that Siemens Energy launches a takeover bid for Siemens Gamesa, the savings are considerable.

However, there is a small detail that many investors are not taking into account and that is really nothing more than Siemens Energy already has control of the company Therefore, the need to launch a takeover bid would only make sense if they want to exclude it from the stock market.

I don’t know what is going to happen with regard to whether there will be a takeover bid or not, but I do know that in the event of that scenario, they will have to put on the table a attractive premium that should never be less than 18.32 euros.

Furthermore, this price level is where the next resistance From a technical value point of view, it is highly likely that we will reach that price level.

Despite this, it is important to highlight that if this price level is reached, the clear pattern of decreasing highs and lows would not be broken that presents the value for more than a year.


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