“A department store can throw away up to 3000 euros of products per day”

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THE DECISION-MAKERS TALK – Quentin Périnel receives a personality from the business world over a coffee. Jean Moreau, entrepreneur and co-founder of Phénix, is the guest of the Talk Décideurs du Figaro.

Jean Moreau is a trash hunter. And he is absolutely uncompromising, since he realized the extent of the damage in terms of waste in our society … He too, obviously, is a sinner. Or at least it was! “It happened to me to waste, to throw the leftovers of my fridge directly in the trash, without going through the second life stage that we are trying to promote at Phénix”, admits Jean Moreau, co-founder of this company. which tracks waste and unsold goods, which like the bird aroused, should have a second life. “We are working with manufacturers and all large retailers in order to target large volumes,” explains Jean Moreau. In large hypermarkets, you can quickly arrive between 1,500 and 3,000 euros in products that are scrapped every day! ”

Phénix, obviously, drastically wants to help with better waste management. A management that he details in the Talk Décideurs. “Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero waste and that the trash becomes an exceptional reflex”, adds Jean Moreau, who saves approximately 100,000 meals per day. The new fight of Phoenix: the waste of clothing, whose figures are at least as edifying as those of food waste …